We all have them, mostly from childhood. Hopefully, we have a cool story behind them such as “I broke my arm while racing motorcycles, but I still won” or “I got this scar shooting my first deer” or “I was racing my little brother on his bike, and beat him when my bike flipped over.”

Scars and Acne

Scars. Some are permanent reminders of our life’s journey, fun times, and battles we’ve overcome. Others are not so fond memories, but reminders of how sometimes life’s experiences are inevitable.

Acne seems to be a right of passage most of us could do without in our younger years (and beyond). Often painful and always annoying, acne is at its core a clogged pore in your skin from dirt, grime, oils, dead skin cells, or bacteria. This pore swells and then ruptures. Scarring occurs when this rupture causes a break in the skin, causing the infected material to infect the skin around it.

The Four Different Types of Acne Scarring

Ice pick acne scars. This is just as it sounds: scars that look like an ice pick attacked you, which are deep pits in your skin

Box car acne scars. Again, a lot like it sounds. These scars are angular scars with sharp vertical edges, most often found on cheeks and temples

Rolling acne scars. These can be both shallow and wide and appear like ocean waves across the skin. This is evidence of damage below the skin’s surface.

Hypertrophic acne scars. Also known as keloid scars these form when your body’s natural healing process (the production of collagen) goes into overdrive, produces too much and causes the skin to rise.

Additionally, acne also causes skin discolorations that usually go away on its own.

How Microneedling Can Help Acne Scars

microneedling procedure works by stimulating your body’s natural healing process of collagen production by creating little “micro” injuries to your skin through needle pricks. The collagen will reinforce the skin and smooth out acne scarring considerably, sometimes by as much as 80%.

However, once the skin is scarred, these scars will never completely go away. Over-the-counter treatments are minimally effective in reducing the appearance of scars. However, microneedling is an effective procedure in reducing the appearance of scars. Here’s how:

Restores your complexion. With the production of new healing substances of collagen and elastin, your complexion will improve as this new layer of skin reinforces the older layer.

Fills your pores. If you have pitted scarring, microneedling will stimulate collagen production to fill in the holes in your skin, raising the level of the pits and smoothing them out. Furthermore, the size of your pores will decrease as well, which lowers the occurrence of more acne in the future as there’s less chance for all the acne causing agents (dirt, oil, grime, bacteria) to get trapped and become inflamed. This is great for people with oily skin who suffer from repeat acne breakouts.

Microneedling for scar treatment can be combined with other treatments to improve the appearance of your scars even more. Radio frequency has been shown to improve results significantly.

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Microneedling is a viable option for the treatment of acne scars to reduce their appearance. Microneedling is effective on all skin types and skin tones. Any age can see benefits as well, including teenagers.

MDPen, a leading provider of microneedling products to microneedling practitioners, recommends you visit our practitioner page for a consultation for your specific case. With minimal downtime required, microneedling procedures for scars are an affordable option with amazing results. 

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