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The GHI’s of Skin Care

The world of skin care can be complicated. Our mission is to make skin care as easy as possible for you in order to integrate it into your busy schedule. MDPen’s mission is to support micro-needling practitioners by supplying them with the best micro-needling pens...


The DEF’s of Skin Care

In our last blog post, we discussed the ABC’s of skin care. In this blog post, we’ll continue to go over some of the important ingredients to look for when searching for the best skin care line available. MDPen is a supplier of micro-needling equipment to...


The ABC’s of Skin Care

It’s one of the first things you learn in school: your ABCs. You learn to dot your i’s and cross your t’s. You practice the letters over and over again until they are cemented in your memory, and they become automatic. Did you know there...


How to Keep Your Eyes Bright

One of the first things you notice about someone is his or her eyes. After all, we’re taught from a young age that it’s polite to make eye contact with people when they are talking. Furthermore, our eyes are one of the most expressive parts...


The Case Against Microneedling at Home

DIY has become an acronym that doesn’t just apply to home improvement projects. From arts and crafts, car repairs, hairstyles and color, and fixing your kids bike, DIY (or do-it-yourself) has become popular for several reasons. DIY saves you money and time. However, sometimes you...