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MicroNeedling AfterCare & Recovery

Dermatologist-tested aftercare products designed to maximize your MDPen MicroNeedling Results

MicroNeedling is minimally-invasive, but proper aftercare is encouraged for lasting results. After your MicroNeedling treatment, incorporate products to heal, calm, hydrate, and nourish the skin. MDPen designed Professional Skincare Formulations to boost hydration and repair the skin’s natural moisture barrier that are perfect to apply after your microneedling treatment.

MDPen Ebook: Caring for the Skin at Home

MicroNeedling Aftercare Recovery Kit

Save 10% when you buy our entire Aftercare Recovery Kit, which includes our recommended serums, moisturizers, and gel.

MicroNeedling Aftercare Cleansers

Gently remove makeup and surface impurities with MDPen cleanser, featuring hyaluronic acid and botanical extracts to nourish the skin.

MicroNeedling Aftercare Gel

Support skin repair and protect against future signs of aging with a lightweight gel containing Vitamin C, botanical extracts, and Human Epidermal Growth Factors.

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