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Partnering With Influencers To Grow Your Practice

Is Partnering with Influencers Right for Your Practice? Is partnering with influencers right for your practice to drive sales, bookings, and follower numbers? Let’s take a closer look at influencer marketing and how you can use it to help your business. What Is An Influencer? A social media influencer is someone with a dedicated online

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RF Boosts Microneedling

5 Ways Radio Frequency Boosts MicroNeedling

If you haven’t already heard of Radio Frequency MicroNeedling (RF MicroNneedling), then let’s start with the basics. It’s a cosmetic procedure that uses ultrafine needles and radiofrequency energy waves to rejuvenate facial skin. Traditional MicroNeedling Procedure MicroNeedling is a highly sought-after procedure for many patients battling a variety of skin concerns or conditions. The procedure has

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RF vs Regular MIcroneedling

Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling versus Traditional Pen Microneedling

RF Microneedling vs Traditional Pen Microneedling Radio frequency (RF) microneedling uses a mechanical stimulation that emits heat waves through the needles. Basically, RF uses heat instead of micro injuries unlike traditional pen microneedling which creates micro punctures to trigger the skin’s natural collagen and elastin production. But aside from that, listed below are important differences

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MicroNeedling Aftercare Skincare

MicroNeedling AfterCare Skincare At Home

Tara’s Story:  Caring for the Skin At Home After MicroNeedling Tara had her first MDPen Microneedling treatment in February 2020, just before the COVID-19 quarantines began. We decided to check-in with Tara and see how she is caring for her skin at home after her microneedling treatment. Our team sat down with Tara to document

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Celebrate Spring with the Best Skin Care Tips

In ancient times, winter was a dark and dismal season. The days were long. Fuel was scarce so light may have been limited to firelight. Books were few and far between (if you could even read), and entertainment options were severely limited. Spring was a time of renewal. Longer days meant more time to do

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The History of Skin Care

Humans have a rich history, and looking back to see how people lived before us and how we live now can offer us insight into the way we live. For instance, before television, how did people entertain themselves? How was travel accomplished without horses? What did our ancestors eat? Anthropologists dedicate their lives to studying

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Finding the Middle Ground in Skin Care

Recently, there has been some push back in the news with regards to skin care. Some are saying we are doing too much in our skin care routine and that the sheer number of products out there that people use (and their cost) is a testament to how overblown the skin care industry is. Some

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Skin Care as Self-Care

Self-care is any activity we do to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. It promotes our own well-being and happiness. When asked the question, “What do you do for self-care?”, how do you answer it? Many answer immediately with physical well-being, such as eating right and exercising. Many answer getting a massage

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2019 Skin Care Resolutions

2019 is here. Many of us have made resolutions that we will strive to obtain and/or fulfill. Many New Year Resolutions involve our looks and our health. Lose weight, eat healthier, drink more water, and exercise more are some of the most popular resolutions. The fact is most of us will give up on our

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How to Care for Your Skin While Travelling

Forty percent of Americans are expected to travel during the holiday season. Between packing your bags, arranging for pet care, and remembering to lock the front door on your way out, odds are, you have probably forgotten to pack something. This something may be your favorite skin care items. Or, because of travel restrictions, you

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