Social media. Instagram. Facebook. SnapChat. Twitter.


With technology today, you can see what your friends and family are doing in the moment. All it takes is a smart phone and internet and the picture you just took is uploaded for the world to see.


Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay, especially amongst our youth. The selfie has become almost as ubiquitous as cars. And with everyone snapping away pictures, we all want to look our best. Looking our best often means cosmetic procedures to ease the signs of aging such as laugh lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin.




Social media has had a huge impact on the growth of cosmetic procedures, particularly facial procedures since photos are mainly of the face in selfies. Here are some of the trends below:


  • Your nose. A lot of people are critical of their noses, especially in photos. Short of rhinoplasty, the non-surgical nose job is surging in the popularity polls. Similar to botox, an injection of hyaluronic acid (the protein that helps your cells maintain water retention) can be made to shape the nose to how you like it.
  • Your eyes. Destined to always be an area of concern due to the thin layer of skin, our eyes show signs of aging early on. From injections to microneedling procedures to facelifts, there are an abundance of options to choose from when improving the appearance of our eyes and eyelids.
  • Your overall facial construction. Fat and wrinkles and sagging skin are equivalent in people’s eyes for their overall appearance. Fat “freezing” as well as noninvasive skin tightening procedures targeting fat pockets are surging in popularity. The desire to tighten your sagging skin as well saw an uptick.


From surgical to non-invasive cosmetic procedures, more and more people are investing in improving their looks. There are no shortages of procedures available in order for the average person to accomplish what they’re seeking.


A positive aspect of the selfie culture is the removal of the stigmatism of plastic surgery. It wasn’t too long ago when people hid their cosmetic procedures from friends and families and felt ashamed for investing in a facelift or liposuction. Now, people will Instagram before and after pictures from their cosmetic procedure almost immediately afterwards. With so many testimonials available, more and more people can gauge the true value of a certain procedure and decide if it’s right for them.


MDPen understands the desire to look good. We aid microneedling practitioners in providing the best microneedling experience for their clients. We make proprietary serums specifically for the microneedling patient to enhance their microneedling procedure. We support the microneedling practitioner every step of the way from training to marketing to product support.


MDPen strongly believes microneedling, a natural way to stimulate your body to produce collagen and elastin and diminish the signs of aging, is for everyone. All skin types see improvements and a variety of conditions from scars to stretch marks to sagging skin see amazing results.

Don’t believe us? Check out YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter for microneedling testimonials and results. MDPen thinks you’ll be glad you did. Visit our website today to answer all of your microneedling questions!