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MicroNeedling Practitioner Training

Getting started with MicroNeedling begins with a comprehensive training program.

Virtual Training

We offer professional development via online microneedling courses taught by our licensed educators. Individual and team learning sessions help you advance your microneedling expertise. MDPen’s virtual training includes:

  • Access to our online didactic training course.
  • Two hours of live virtual training.
  • A demo of the MDPen MicroNeedling System and a selection of serums.
  • An overview of MicroNeedling, including application protocols.
  • A demonstration of proper treatment preparation and tracing techniques.
  • An overview of post-care protocols.
  • A dedicated Q&A session.
  • A certificate of completion following the training course.
Certified Didactic

Certified Didactic Training

Access our online certification training course with the purchase of an MDPen MicroNeedling device.

Video Tutorials

Find a range of treatment and training videos in our online academy and on our social media platforms. These video tutorials show a variety of MicroNeedling applications.

Woman Face MDPen Treatment Intensif

In-Office Training

In-office training in Professional MDPen MicroNeedling applications begins at $1,595. Request an office visit from one of our licensed educators, who will guide you through a four-hour, hands-on training for qualified members of your staff. MDPen’s in-office training includes:

  • Access to our online didactic training course.
  • Up to 4 hours of hands-on training from a licensed educator.
  • Up to 4 patient treatment appointments for skin concerns and different body areas.
  • An overview of MicroNeedling, including treatment protocols.
  • An overview of microneedling aftercare protocols.
  • A certificate of completion following the training course.
  • A dedicated Q&A session.
  • A certificate of completion following the training course.


Keep up with MDPen on our website and social media channels to learn about upcoming Advanced MicroNeedling Workshops. These workshops take place in different cities throughout the year. Licensed professionals are welcome to register for this hands-on training. Current customers may attend free of charge.

See What Others Say About Our Certified Training

“I thought the online training with Dr. Zengo was very well organized and quite thorough. I’ve taken Dr. Setterfield’s online workshop as well, and I liked both doctors’ similar teaching that ‘more needling depth’ is not necessarily a better approach to treatment. I especially liked what Dr. Zengo had to say about beginning treatments in the eye area – while the needle tips are sharpest and likely to cause the least amount of discomfort in this most sensitive area. I also really liked his “zone” map of the face. All in all, I felt the entire presentation was very good.”

– Deborah A. Ellis, CMT, LE, BC, BA
Euphoria Spa and Wellness
Avon, IN

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