If you’ve had a microneedling procedure, you are aware of the amazing results garnered. You look years younger. Your fine lines and wrinkles have faded. Your acne scars and stretch marks are diminished. You feel great. But do you need another microneedling procedure? How do you know?

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Like most open-ended questions, this answer is open-ended as well: it’s hard to say. Everyone’s skin is different and is affected by many factors. Age, condition, scarring, genetics, and discolorations all affect how many treatments you may need. The aftercare of your microneedling procedure is important as well and impacts how many procedures you may need.

In previous blog posts, MDPen has addressed other treatments that can enhance a microneedling procedure. These other treatment options such as facials as well as environmental factors like sun exposure play a role as well. How well you care for your skin is the most important factor in microneedling procedures.

Ultimately, how many microneedling procedures you need depends on the results you are looking for. Some patients are happy with just one procedure and the collagen build up produced. Other patients would like an on-going treatment plan where collagen is built up over time.


  • Be sure to leave 4-6 weeks in-between treatments.
  • Follow all aftercare instructions in-between microneedling procedures.
  • Follow a good skincare routine for optimal skin care results. If you need skin care products, our proprietary skin care line full of serums and creams is a good place to start.
  • Plan your procedures when you have no plans for the following days, since it is recommended after a microneedling device procedure to avoid the sun and refrain from makeup use and exercise for a few days.
  • Make sure you are healthy and not suffering or recovering from a cold or the flu. A microneedling device procedure will only make you feel worse and may hinder your recovery from your cold.

MDPen helps bring microneedling to patients worldwide by training and supporting microneedling practitioners. We offer workshops with lectures and hands-on practice opportunities for those looking to get certified in MDPen’s microneedling equipment. We offer a practitioner network for those who use MDPen’s products. This helps patients find you when seeking a microneedling procedure. We make skin care products to support the microneedling procedure and we help market your business by supplying marketing materials and offering skin care kits for patients’ use.

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