MDPen in 2018 New Beauty Magazine!

The 2018 Fall/Winter issue of New Beauty magazine featured a “Guide to microneedling” where they covered many aspects of the our favorite treatment!  The In-Office microneedling section of the magazine covered an interview with Dr. Debra Abell, a dermatologist from Wexford, PA. Their discussion focused on the value of medical grade needling in a clinical setting as opposed to rollers or other implements.

Significantly, the Guide went on to explain how pairing MicroNeedling with RF or other add-on treatments can enhance the outcomes. The complete report is printed on page 63 of the said publication.

MDPen is a major proponent of microneedling and the many benefits it gives to the skin. The procedure mostly goes through these stages: firstly, the micro punctures created on the epidermis and dermis evoke the body’s own production of collagen and elastin. Secondly, the body knowingly sends collagen and elastin to the to the micro injured site. Lastly, the natural healing mechanism of this procedure rebuilds the skin to become stronger and more youthful-looking.

Look at these pictures and see the amazing results: decreased skin sagging, reducing wrinkles and fine lines, diminishing of acne scars, and skin color restoration.

Our Power Pen

The latest innovation in fractional micro needling, MDPen offers an electronic alternative that applies quick, precise, and controlled strokes to specific areas of concern. Because our device has a microneedling head with 160 microneedles, it allows more accurate treatment of the skin. Considerably, this device also provide maximum coverage of the problem area. And because of our power pen, we believe our practitioners are the best of the best performing this procedure.

If you’d like to learn more about this revolutionary micro needling device and topical treatments, find an MDPen Practitioner near you. 

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