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MDPen Microneedling and Skincare: Copper + HA Mist

The importance of skin care cannot be over-emphasized. Our skin takes a beating day in and day out due to our active lifestyles. Exposure to the sun and the toxins in our environment depletes the nutrients that keep our skin plump and supple. We need to nourish our skin like we do flowers in our

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The Anatomy of a MicroNeedling Device

Ever wonder why the sky is blue or how do geese know to fly in a V or why your kids know exactly what to say to annoy you?   These timeless questions are similar to the one MDPen aims to answer today: just how exactly does a microneedling device work? First, we’ll review what

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7 Tips for Choosing a microneedling Practitioner

Visiting a new doctor for the first time can be scary. You don’t know what to expect. You often don’t know where the office is located. You don’t know if you’ll like the medical professional. Often, you don’t know what to ask or, if you do, you’re so nervous you forget to ask.   MDPen

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