The holiday season is upon us. The trees are bare. Snowflakes may have already graced your yard. Winter boots have been dragged out. Sweater weather is becoming fully entrenched. Winter tires are put on your car or truck. Ski trips are being planned. Little ones are dreaming of playing in the snow and building snowmen that come to life like Olaf. And your cat leaves your bed less frequently.

As the weather changes, our thoughts turn to the holidays. We make travel plans to see our relatives and far-away friends. Or we plan to host our friends and families at our homes, leading to more hustle and bustle. Soon presents have to be planned and trees cut.

With the holidays, we see relatives we haven’t seen for a while, and most of us want to look good. We’ll get our hair done and buy a new outfit for those special days and occasions. MDPen is a  company that specializes in helping practitioners offer microneedling procedures. microneedling induces collagen production (a protein in your skin), which helps eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. microneedling helps patients look years younger and, as a consequence, feel younger. A gift of a microneedling procedure to a family or friend would make a great gift of beauty.




Money is a tough issue for many. Some people are spenders and love to buy new things. Others are thrifty and have a hard time spending money, especially on themselves. There are a variety of reasons for this:

  • Childhood. We are a lot more like our parents than we think. We mirror them in attitudes as well as actions. If they were spenders, we are more likely to be. The same can be said for savers.
  • Selfless soul. We are so focused on doing for others that doing for ourselves doesn’t cross our minds.
  • Guilty feelings. This can be guilt over making excess money or guilt over spending the money on yourself instead of giving it to a charity, etc.




If you know someone who doesn’t spend money on themselves for whatever reason, then the holiday season is a perfect time to give the gift of youth. microneedling devices not only diminish the signs of aging but also can diminish stretch marks, the appearance of skin discolorations, and acne scars — areas of our skin that may make us feel ashamed or uncomfortable showing that part of our skin.

When you purchase a microneedling procedure for a loved one, he or she has no choice but to use it on himself or herself. microneedling equipment is safe, effective, and causes little pain or downtime. MDPen’s website is full of information, frequently asked questions, before and after pictures of a microneedling procedure, a list of microneedling practitioners, and before and after care for microneedling procedures.

Living a life of self-sacrifice can be tiring, and convincing someone you love to spend money on himself or herself can be just as tiring. Only by doing these small acts of self love will your loved one appreciate the value in self-care. A microneedling procedure is the perfect gift this holiday season. MDPen maintains a list of all of our certified professional microneedling practitioners for you to purchase a gift card from. Simply visit our site today!

MDPen’s mission is to increase our patients self-worth, which is what looking better and feeling better does. We support everyone’s right to diminish scarring and signs of aging and live life to the fullest. Visit our site often for the latest information on microneedling machines, microneedling equipment, and microneedling procedures. Contact us today!