MDPen Often, behind our desire to look good, is our desire to feel good. In society these days, we’re pressured to look how society thinks we should look, and when we don’t, our self-esteem can be affected. MDPen’s mission is to help microneedling practitioners by supplying them with supplies to better perform microneedling procedures. We offer our own microneedling pen, MDPen Dual Cordless/Electric Micro Needling and MDPen Electric Micro Needling, and we’ve created our own proprietary line of microneedling serums and creams to primarily aid in the aftercare of microneedling procedures. Our serums are all natural, vegan formulations containing only organic ingredients that are paraben, petrochemical, and SLS/SLE free. We never test on animals. Our healing serums are also great to use in your regular skin care regimen. Packed full of anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and human growth factors, MDPen’s serums are the some of the best skin care creams available.

We do this with the overarching goal of helping you to feel your best. Here are some tips when your self-esteem needs a boost.


  1. Quit negative self-talk. If you constantly put yourself down — even in jest — you’re creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Our brains are incredibly powerful. Whatever you put into your mind is what you get out. Hence, put in positive thoughts, feelings, words, and sentiments only and rid yourself of all the negativity.
  2. Take what others say about you with a grain of salt. It doesn’t matter what others think about you. This is worth repeating: it doesn’t matter what others think about you. All that matters is what you think about yourself, what you know to be true, and how you live your life. Odds are, these people who are talking negatively about you, don’t know you and usually have ulterior motives — like trying to bring you down because they feel poorly about themselves.
  3. Live your truth. Truth be told, being like others is boring. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to look different. It’s okay to march to your own drummer. It’s okay to try new things such as microneedling. You only live once. Make it memorable.
  4. Engage in activities that make your heart sing. Most of us have jobs that take a lot of our time and, at times, can be draining. But let’s not forget the reason why we work hard at our day jobs: so we can have fun doing the things we want to do. If you have a passion such as painting, ice skating, reading good books, or helping others through volunteer work, spend as much of your free time as possible engaging in activities you love doing. If you do, you’ll build up hours of “feel good” time you can draw upon when the inevitable valleys in life occur.
  5. Treat yourself. This is huge, yet many of us get hung up on not indulging for a myriad of reasons, most of which have to do with how we were raised. However, having that expensive cup of coffee with a good friend, getting a massage, or having a microneedling procedure done are great ideas for boosting your self-esteem. Anything you like doing that makes you feel good that you don’t normally do should be scheduled periodically. Enjoying life is about doing things you like doing — even if they seem a bit pricey or unneeded.
  6. Exercise. There’s something magical about getting out, early in the morning, and going for a brisk walk or a run. Afterwards, it’s impossible to get off on the wrong foot if you do this consistently. Endorphins and serotonin flood your brain, aiding in creativity and productivity. And there’s nothing like getting things accomplished in life to improve self-esteem. Plus, when you exercise, your body changes. You might lose weight, gain muscle tone, and overall feel better since you’re in better health. Exercise is an all-natural self-esteem booster and perhaps one of the best ways to improve self-esteem.
  7. Engage in community. Humans were created for companionship. When you get together with friends, volunteer at an animal shelter, or just listen to a friend who is hurting, you realize that you’re valued in this world; that you’re needed; that others care; that this world would be less without you in it. Having a place in this world and a purpose in it will boost your self-esteem.

You matter. What you do matters. Who you are matters. How you feel about yourself matters. What you see when you look in the mirror matters. What YOU see, not others.

MDPen promotes microneedling procedures because we believe passionately in its ability to help eliminate signs of aging, erase stretch marks, improve acne scars, and improves skin pigmentations. When your skin is healthy, you feel better about yourself and your self-esteem skyrockets. We support microneedling practitioners since they are on the front lines of getting the word out about the incredible power of microneedling to stimulate collagen production and make you look younger and feel better about yourself.

With this one life you are given, don’t spend it moping around, wishing you looked better, or feeling poorly about scars or stretch marks from pregnancy. MDPen maintains a list of microneedling practitioners on our site for your convenience. We encourage you to set up a free consultation with a practitioner and learn all about microneedling procedures and how they can benefit you. Your self-esteem will thank you. Visit MDPen online today!