One of the latest procedures in skin care and anti-aging technology is microneedling, a procedure that utilizes your body’s natural ability to heal itself to plump up your skin and erase scars and stretch marks.

MDPen helps microneedling practitioners bring this latest technology to patients across the country. One of our offerings is our own MDPen microneedling pens that perform the procedure themselves. We currently offer two types of MDPen microneedling pens, the Dual Cordless/Electric microneedling and the Electric microneedling. Both are very similar products with one offering a cordless feature and both offering the same results.

One way to customize your microneedling procedure is the type of needles offered. MDPen offers Restore Needles and Refine Needles for use in our microneedling pens. But what’s the difference? Does it matter?


  • MDPen’s Restore Microneedle heads each feature 12 standard microneedles for treating all face and body areas in all microneedling procedures.
  • MDPen’s Refine Microneedle heads feature 160 mini-needles for maximum coverage in a microneedling procedure.


The main difference is the number of needles in the needlehead. Usually, your microneedling practitioner will decide which is right for you and what results you are seeking. This could depend as well on what area you are treating and how detailed the area is or how scarred it is. Every individual is different, and everyone has a different outcome in mind. Rest assured, microneedling pens work the same way no matter which needlehead is chosen.

microneedling procedures are continuing to grow in popularity and effectiveness as microneedling has been shown recently to reverse the damage caused by the sun and improve skin pigmentation. Both MDPen’s Refine Needles and Restore Needles are perfect for this minimally invasive procedure that takes years off the body’s natural aging process and lessens wrinkles and fine lines. A must-have aid in your microneedling practice to help your clients feel younger, microneedling practitioners receive discounts when ordering in bulk.

MDPen creates products with the practitioner in mind. Whether you’re a nurse, a spa owner, an aesthetician, or a medical professional, MDPen caters to your needs. Thus, we are offering single sales of our Restore Needles and Refine Needles for your convenience. Easy to store, these needles will create the tiny channels in the dermis of the skin that will stimulate the body’s natural healing process to create collagen and elastin. Order MDPen’s microneedles today!