Radio Frequency Microneedling: Snatched Jawline Treatment

Radio Frequency Microneedling: Snatched Jawline Treatment

What Is A Snatched Jawline?

A snatched or chiseled jawline is a well-defined jawline where you can see the distinct separation from the neck. Obviously, the skin is tight. With a tight jawline, you have this nice bold area, which is what people want. 

Patients from a weight loss program definitely are looking to improve a bit of skin laxity there. Most of the clients really like the tightening and lift that the EndyMed device does provide. 

In the past, our only options for treating issues such as these were facelifts and neck lifts, and these were treatments where you had to basically go under the knife. You had to be put under general anesthesia to lift or pull these areas. And now, of course, we have these amazing advances in technology that have allowed for these non-surgical treatments with less downtime to be more affordable. People in general just don’t want to have surgery. They do not want to be put under and they will do just about all they can before they have to do that. 

Radio Frequency Microneedling: Snatched Jawline Treatment

So, here, we’re talking about the non-surgical options.

1. Dermal Fillers
2. PDO Threads
3. Ultrasound Technology
4. Non-Surgical Lasers
5. CO2/Fraxel
6. Focused Radio Frequency
7. RF Microneedling

Focused radio frequency and RF microneedling are the dual, combined modalities from EndyMedThe other treatments aren’t bad, but focused RF and RF microneedling have the low downtime and get collagen continuing to grow over that time with very easy touch-ups. 

With dermal fillers, it’s temporary and you might need multiple syringes. PDO threads are also temporary, so you’re going to keep coming back. Of course, you have things like the ultrasound technology and the non-surgical layer lasers as well as CO2, which can be painful, cost high-end dollars, and have longer recovery downtime.

When we’re talking about snatched jawline, some of the treatment areas that we have is what we refer to as V-shape lifting. It’s the V section of the jawline area—lower face lifting in the area under the jaw as well as under the chin. And then the neck is also going to be included in that area. Those are the indication areas for the snatched jawline.

A person who did the weight loss program would be looking to tighten the jawline and the area under the chin. A bit of fat loss reduction as a result of the Intensif RF needles may be seen. 

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Mini-Shaper Applicator

The Mini-Shaper hand piece is theRF microneedling hand piece that can be used on the upper arms. The Mini-Shaper is very common for areas like above the knees or any other areas that might have fat pockets that need tightening. EndyMed does have larger Shaper hand pieces when you’re dealing with a larger area.

The Mini-Shaper hand piece is a hand piece that has ultra-focused 3DEEP technology. This hand piece has concentrated electrodes that provide the focused RF energy exactly where it’s needed. The Mini-Shaper itself does not require numbing.

This makes it extremely effective on the jawline and also for chin lifting. EndyMed devices allow you to see the monitoring of the skin for optimal energy. You’re able to control the heat of this treatment, as everything is preset on the device. You can customize it because it is extremely user-friendly.

Radio Frequency Microneedling: Snatched Jawline Treatment

Intensif Applicator

Now, let’s talk about the Intensif RF microneedling handpiece. There are 25 non-insulated gold-plated needles, and the heat moving along the entire needle treats all of the tissue along the way; so that’s what really sets this non-insulated needle aside. You have adjustable depth—pre-settings for creating that nice localized micro-injury to the skin that’s going to generate collagen. 

And because you also have the heat component with it, you are getting that extra tightening that you would not get with traditional microneedling. The result of this in the case of a snatched jawline is going to be wonderful lower-face lifting collagen building. 

Radio Frequency Microneedling: Snatched Jawline Treatment

Quick Treatment Protocols

For microneedling with PRP, PRP can be applied topically and/or injected. In the case of skin care, you’re always going to do your PRP first and then apply skin care at the end of the treatment. With combined treatments, the protocol is that every four weeks or once a month, the patient is coming in for all of these treatments in the same visit. 

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Radio Frequency Microneedling: Snatched Jawline Treatment
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Radio Frequency Microneedling: Snatched Jawline Treatment