One of the most important parts of maintaining healthy-looking skin is maintaining your collagen levels. Collagen is essentially the structural component of your skin, allowing it to maintain its shape and avoid becoming wrinkly or sagging. The problem is that as we age, collagen production starts to slow down, and what little collagen we do have usually doesn’t go to the skin, it goes to other parts of the body. But don’t just go out there and start applying every topical cream that claims to boost collagen levels and don’t drastically change your diet to try to increase collagen levels either. Instead, consider another collagen induction method like microneedling.

Many people have heard of acupuncture but not microneedling. Although they may seem similar at first, they’re actually quite different. And most importantly, they’re used to treat two very different things. Keep reading to learn more.


Acupuncture is a skin care treatment that involves placing small needles carefully in specific parts of the face to stimulate specific anatomic sites that encourages natural self-healing. It is commonly used to help treat back pain, neck pain, depression, headaches. The small needles can be placed on various parts of the body to alleviate various conditions and when applied to the face can be used to treat some skin conditions as well as headaches. These pins are typically left in for about 20 minutes before being removed.

The problem with acupuncture is that its effectiveness is highly debated. Based off an ancient Chinese practice, modern doctors are divided on how effective it is in treating certain conditions.  

What Is microneedling?

microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, is done by causing “micro injuries” in the top layer of the skin. Although this may sound like a dangerous process, it actually causes no trauma to the skin, and instead, causes the body to send more collagen protein to rebuild the structure of the skin. The skin will be rebuilt stronger and with better structure than before.

microneedling is used to treat all types of skin imperfections such as wrinkles, sagging skin, stretch marks, sun damage, rough or uneven skin, acne scarring, and even acne itself. Traditionally, skin care specialists use what’s called a dermaroller to perform a microneedling treatment. This device, as the name suggests, rolls over the skin, causing the puncture wounds. This device has since been replaced by more effective technology like the MDPen that allows you to make more precise micro injuries and pinpoint specific areas of concern, whereas before, it was more guesswork.

When you compare acupuncture and microneedling side-by-side, it’s not hard to see the difference. Acupuncture is typically used to treat pain-related symptoms like a sore back or neck and microneedling is specifically used to treat skin conditions. Acupuncture is done to target specific anatomical areas that encourage healing while microneedling is used to create thousands of micro injuries directly to the area that’s affected which is proven to increase collagen levels without causing permanent damage to the skin.

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