3 Things I Love About MDPen's Cellular Renewal Serum

By: Dr. Cleo Amelia Tetzloff

Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

The glide I choose for treatment is dependent on the patient’s skin type and skin concerns. However, living in the desert, I find that a lot of my clients have skin that has been exposed to the sun, creating hyperpigmentation, dryness, increased sensitivity, and an impaired skin barrier. I find Cellular Renewal to be the most beneficial for these concerns. 

The serum contains red algae, which is an antioxidant benefiting moisture retention and skin barrier function. Red algae also treats hyperpigmentation through its brightening properties. 

Cellular Renewal contains knotgrass, which is rich in flavonoids that contain high concentrations of antioxidants. Knotgrass helps protect the skin from infrared radiation damage and premature photoaging. In addition to the ingredients in this serum, I find MDPen’s Cellular Renewal to be the ideal consistency to use during a microneedling treatment.

Alongside the ingredients listed above, Cellular Renewal contains hyaluronic acid and aloe, making it an all-around home run for microneedling post-care. Hyaluronic acid holds up to 1,000 times its weight in moisture, ensuring proper hydration post-treatment. I find when my patients use this serum, they report less dryness and peeling post-microneedling. 

Aloe has wound-healing properties to speed up recovery time along with the ability to tighten the skin. Most of my patients continue to use the Cellular Renewal in their everyday skincare routines due to the results they notice on wrinkle reduction and overall firmness of the skin.

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Whether it’s boxcar, rolling, or ice pick scars—or an atrophic surgical scar—Cellular Renewal combined with the MDPen Growth Factor Gel is my preferred combo of products to use. 

Atrophic scars are typically treated by first treating the skin around the scar with the classic MDPen crosshatch pattern. The next step would be to go back in and stamp at a minimum depth of 1.5 mm depending on patient comfort levels. 

At this point, you will typically get more pinpoint bleeding and the area may take longer to heal. Combining the red algae and hyaluronic acid in the Cellular Renewal with the growth factors and snow mushroom in the Growth Factor Gel, you get a powerhouse protocol to ensure proper recovery in patients with scars.

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Our Featured Practitioner
"Another outstanding product from MDPen! As an esthetician, I love experiencing medspa quality product lines that focus on the most innovative and effective ingredients. This [Cellular Renewal] serum does not disappoint! Knotgrass extract helps to promote firm youthful skin while red algae helps the skin to appear renewed and rejuvenated. The serum itself comes in a beautiful pump top which is very sanitary and easy to use (not a dropper format). The actual product is thinner consistency and spreads very easily. It does not feel sticky or tacky, and absorbs very quickly into the skin. I have reactive and sensitive skin but this product, like the others I have tried from MDPen, never irritated me when incorporating into my routine. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a rejuvenating serum!"

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