MicroNeedling, a noninvasive skincare procedure that taps into the power of your skin to heal itself, is growing by leaps and bounds, fueled by the amazing, anti-aging results reported by patients and its affordability. MDPen not only sells its own MicroNeedling pens and devices and produces proprietary serums specifically for MicroNeedling procedures, but we also train practitioners to use MDPen and offer resources and support for practitioners.




Why did you go into the skin care field? What moved you to focus on skin for a career?  Probably to help others feel better about themselves and improve their appearance. Another reason you probably chose the skincare industry was to give patients treatment options.


For instance, if you’re an aesthetician, you probably offer services ranging from facials and microderm abrasions to waxing and skin wraps. Dermatologists can treat over 3,000 skin conditions including acne, psoriasis, and skin cancer using procedures such as skin grafts, laser treatments, and excisions. A day spa may offer facials, exfoliation services, cleansing of the skin, masks, toning, hydration, and facial paraffin treatments. Odds are most of your patients will not partake in all of your offerings because everyone has different needs. However, patients may come to you first if you offer another service they are wanting.


Once trained, MicroNeedling is a quick procedure to perform for the benefit of your patients, taking less than an hour from start to finish. It’s an option that many people do not know exists. You will attract new customers specifically looking for MicroNeedling and can upsell MicroNeedling to your existing clientele. The more you offer, the more patients you can serve and meet their needs and the more impact you can make.




The benefits of offering MicroNeedling procedures to your skincare offerings are unlimited. Adding MicroNeedling is as simple as pie.


  • Register for our certified online didactic MicroNeedling training. With the purchase of an MDPen MicroNeedling device, you can register up to 3 people from your practice to attend our Didactic Certification Class. Since it’s online it’s easy to take the course at your leisure. Once certified, you’ll eligible to join our Dedicated Practitioner Portal where you’ll receive amazing support, list your practice, gain access to training videos, and purchase marketing and support materials.
  • Attend one of MDPen’s Microdermal needling workshops held around the country. Our workshops are for medical aesthetic professionals licensed to perform MicroNeedling such as a doctor, nurse, or aesthetician or prospective MicroNeedling practitioners to learn new techniques, keep abreast of the latest technologies, and gain hands-on training opportunities. These workshops are great opportunities to network with other MDPen MicroNeedling practitioners in your area as well as learn the ins and outs of marketing MicroNeedling and your practice.
  • Once certified, open your doors to MicroNeedling! The first step will be marketing, primarily online and via social media such as your website and Facebook as well as word-of-mouth. If you already have a thriving skincare practice, MicroNeedling will slide right in as a popular complement to your other skincare offerings. If you’re just beginning your skincare practice, MicroNeedling can be a driving force of traffic. Check out our marketing materials to make adding MicroNeedling as efficient and profitable as possible.




  • Marketing never stops. A good online presence will be essential for your success when you first begin offering microneedling procedures.
  • Cultivate success. Make the customer experience your number one priority. From the moment the phone rings or a customer walks in the door or you get a question from your website to the moment the patient leaves your office after a successful and life-changing microneedling procedure, you need to make that person your number one priority. Wow them with customer service and the results of their first microneedling procedure will bring them back for more of what you offer!
  • Follow-up. Make it a habit to follow up with every patient. This can be either a nice handwritten card saying thank you, a phone call asking how the patient is doing and if they have any questions on aftercare, or a card mailed out on their birthday (which, trust us, is worth more than gold sometimes). Reminding the patient of your name will always keep your practice’s name in the back of their mind, so when they are ready for more facials or waxes, your practice’s name will come up in their minds, and they will visit you!


MDPen is here to help. We exist to serve your needs, answer your questions, and help in anyway possible. From microneedling device support to ordering microneedles to answering questions about the use of our microneedling serums, MDPen strives every day to make your life a little bit easier. No question is too small or too big. Contact us today for all of your microneedling needs!