Beauty is everywhere in our culture. In print ads, TV ads, and on the Internet, pictures of women with perfect bodies and faces are as ubiquitous as the ads that display which website you last visited.


Polls suggest 70 percent of women are interested in getting some kind of cosmetic enhancement procedure. Is this because of society? Or is there other reasons fueling this interest in beauty enhancement?




  • Reconstructive. Life is full of misfortunes. Spills, falls, accidents, and other freak occurrences can rob us of our appearance. Usually traumatic to begin with, these events can leave us disfigured. Cosmetic procedures can significantly improve our appearance, so we have some sense of normalcy restored.
  • Genetics. Perhaps you were born with a droopy eye, an oversized earlobe, or a cleft palate.
  • To make partner happy. This is more common than one would think. Undergoing surgery for someone else is a fine line to walk. Ask yourself: is this something you want as well? After all, it’s your body.
  • To emulate a person they admire such as celebrities. Many people like the way others look and want to look like them. They have surgery to have someone else’s nose or butt. If this is you, you should ask yourself one question: why do you want to look like someone else? Do you really want to be mistaken for someone else? You are unique and wonderfully made. Embrace it.
  • To look younger. This is a top reason for cosmetic procedures. Turning back the hand of time can improve your self-image, which translates to life.
  • To feel better about yourself. Many people are depressed by their looks. They don’t like a certain body part such as their nose or they think they are overweight. A cosmetic procedure that fixes what you think in your mind is wrong definitely will boost your self-confidence, which will bleed over into all aspects of your personal life from family life to career to hobbies.
  • Career. Perhaps you want a modeling career or a career that requires you to have certain features. When you’re in the public eye, looks do matter.
  • Peer pressure. Having surgery to fit in is not a good idea. Driving the bandwagon is always more fun than riding in one. Be original. Buck the crowd.


Ultimately, choosing to have a cosmetic procedure is about you. Sure, there is a selfish component; however, what’s wrong with wanting to look better, feel better, and enjoy your body? You want to be comfortable in your own skin and enjoy going out and about.


MD Pen argues that the benefits you receive from a cosmetic procedure mentally far outweighs the actual physical changes you choose and see. When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror or step on the scale and like what you see, your day is set on the right path. You smile more. You feel better. You take more risks. You engage more with others and the world. You volunteer more. You perform more random acts of kindness. You are more active. You see your friends and family more. You are more.


MD Pen specializes in helping those who make you feel and look better: practitioners of microneedling such as aestheticians and medical practices. We exist to supply microneedling supplies and microneedling pens, offer training to others to practice microneedling, and produce microneedling aftercare products full of luxurious richness to soothe your skin.


MD Pen is dedicated to making your life better in some small way. We believe whole-heartedly that microneedling can help you look younger as it erases fine lines and wrinkles, improves unsightly scars and stretch marks (unsightly in your eyes), and improves skin discolorations. microneedling is a noninvasive procedure we think can change your life. Contact us today for more information!