Collagen induction therapy, more commonly known as microneedling, is one of the “newer” trends in non-invasive, anti-aging and skincare aesthetic procedures. As its more formal name implies, collagen induction therapy induces collagen production in the lower layers of your skin to make it fuller and thereby reducing signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles. microneedling procedures also are effective against scars and skin discolorations.


So where does microneedling fit in with your regular skincare regimen? How can you use it to enhance the other procedures or routines you are currently doing? MDPen is passionate about supporting microneedling practitioners who change people’s lives every day through the procedure. Nothing is more invigorating and more self-confident boosting than looking younger and loving your looks. microneedling is amazing in its results. However, there are other cosmetic procedures that complement microneedling and enhance its effects, making it last longer.




Similar to switching your workout routine in order to keep your muscles guessing and working them in different ways, your skin rejuvenation and skincare procedures should be varied as well.


One skincare procedure to consider is a facial that is specifically tailored to the microneedling patient. Our wonderful microneedling practitioners at MDPen may offer some of these at their aesthetic care clinic or can recommend a good place to get one. Because you just received a microneedling procedure, you’ll want to make sure your facial is tailored for you needs.


microneedling works by creating tiny “injuries” through the pin-prick of the needle to your skin. Thus, you will in essence have hundreds of tiny holes (known as micro channels) in your face that will take a few days to heal. It is recommended after a microneedling procedure to not put on suntan lotion or make-up for a few days afterwards. However, it is highly recommended to treat your skin to a superb serum specifically made for microneedling patients such as the serums MDPen sells. These serums are full of human growth factors, pure hyaluronic acid, and a myriad of other peptides and antioxidants for your skin to absorb. A facial using MDPen’s proprietary serums would be ideal. Ask your microneedling practitioner for more details.




Another great complement to a microneedling procedure is a  hydrating mask. microneedling is harsh to your skin. Similar to a scab, you need to treat your skin with extra care after a microneedling procedure. You skin will be begging for hydration. In addition to MDPen’s serums, treating yourself to a skin mask allows more of the moisturizer to be absorbed by the skin. In addition, your face will thank you as this mask will probably feel heavenly. MDPen offers a recovery gel mask that is perfect for use in the coming days after a microneedling procedure.




  • Skincare injections. Injections of botulinum toxin (more commonly known as Botox) can be used in lieu of a microneedling procedure. The limitations of botox, however, make it a temporary fix that only lasts a few months. Botox is administered to specific spots with the sole intent of eliminating wrinkles and lines.
  • Chemical peels. Popular as an exfoliant, chemical peels remove dead skin from the surface of the face. They can reduce age spots, fine lines, acne scars, and wrinkles caused by sun damage or aging. Microdermabrasion is another skincare procedure that works similarly to chemical peels that strips the skin of dead cells.
  • Radio frequency. Radio frequency skin tightening (RF) uses RF energy to heat tissue and stimulate collagen production, which helps to reduce fine lines and loose skin. New collagen is produced from this aesthetic technique.
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). An intense light that penetrates to the lower levels of skin, IPL functions similarly to microneedling as it injures the lower layer and stimulates the body’s natural healing process. Patients do frequently report this cosmetic procedure can be painful.




As you can see, the options for skincare and skin rejuvenation in the twenty-first century are dizzying. MDPen recommends you talk to your medical practitioner or aesthetician who is well versed in all the medical and cosmetic procedures (both invasive and non-invasive) in order to tailor a skincare regimen for you. All of MDPen’s practitioners are certified in microneedling procedures and are a wealth of knowledge for your questions.


Here at MDPen we want you to be happy. Period. We believe microneedling is a viable option for most people for skin rejuvenation, reducing the signs of aging, and stimulating healing where and when needed. However, what works for one individual with one skin type may be totally wrong for another. Your medical professional is best able to answer your questions. If you are curious about microneedling and need to find a licensed practitioner in your area, then visit our practitioner’s page and contact us today.