We discussed in our last blog post the difference between Dermapen and MDPen’s microneedling device. Now, we’re going to discuss the difference between a dermaroller and MDPen’s microneedling device.


Cosmetic procedures are becoming easier and more affordable for people to get. As technology improves and the procedure becomes more efficient, these savings are passed on to the consumer. These consumers will either come back again or the doors will be opened to more people who previously couldn’t afford a cosmetic procedure or didn’t want to indulge in one.


microneedling in its modern form has been around now for over two decades. More and more people are recognizing its amazing effects in treating scars, diminishing lines and wrinkles, producing a fuller face, and ultimately taking years off a person’s appearance.


As technology improves so does the at-home market. Like the explosion in Home Depot as more and more people realized they could improve their home for cheaper than hiring a professional, the same trend is happening in microneedling as the popularity of dermaroller grows. Let’s explore the dermaroller in more detail.




Dermarolling is a form of microneedling that involves the use of a mini wheel covered with hundreds of tiny needles that gently prick the face. It is rolled over the skin to create pricks with the needle, stimulating collagen production due to the micro-injuries the needles cause. New skin grows and tightens, resulting in a more youthful appearance.


The concept is the same as microneedling (otherwise known as collagen induction therapy), but it wasn’t until 2005 that someone thought to put the needles on a roller. Hence, the ease of use was born. As a natural for the at-home market, dermarollers are popular worldwide.




As with all do-it-yourself projects, you run the risk of being on the tail end of the learning curve. And it’s when you’re on this end that mistakes can occur, and in the case of the face, it’s not exactly a place you want to make mistakes.




  • Tearing of the skin. Not following the directions or using improper technique can result in your skin tearing, which is scar-creating not scar-alleviating.
  • Dull needle. Similar to tearing of the skin, a dull needle can cause more damage than it repairs.
  • Risk of infection. A dermaroller must be sterilized just like a needle. Laying it on dirty surfaces or not properly cleaning it can result in serious and unwanted infections of the skin–another distraction you don’t want on your face.
  • General treatment only. Dermarollers can’t be customized for your specific skincare treatment needs. They can’t reach specialized areas like around the eyes and mouth.




As you can see, MDPen believes any type of microneedling procedure should be left to the professionals. Think about this: you are investing in microneedling because you want to look and feel better about yourself. What if you didn’t improve your looks but instead made your appearance worse? All because you wanted to save a few dollars.


MDPen believes the superior service you’ll receive from an MDPen practitioner is as valuable as a pot of gold. You’ll get all areas treated, including the hard-to-reach places. You’re ensured of proper hygiene and disinfected equipment. All of the needles used in MDPen microneedling devices are one-use only. They are all disposable, thus ensuring you’ll receive not only a sterilized needle but a sharp one as well. Your microneedling device practitioner has probably performed hundreds, if not thousands, of microneedling procedures, thereby ensuring efficiency and knowledge of how to get you the best treatment possible.


MDPen is passionate about improving patients’ appearance. Looking good and loving your appearance translates to all areas of your life. If you look good and feel good, your relationships will blossom, your career will flourish, your hobbies will lead you to new and exciting places, you’ll step outside of your box more, and you’ll buy that dress you worried you wouldn’t look good in or ask the girl you just met out on a date. Lead your best life possible and contact one of MDPen’s practitioners today for the best in collagen induction therapy!