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Looking for the best in your skin? Look no further than our ReVita Peptide Moisture Crème. This cream formula aids in wrinkle reduction, enhances elasticity, and rejuvenates skin. The formula contains a bio-peptide complex of five growth factors, amino acids, and pro-vitamin B5 to encourage cell renewal and improve your skin’s integrity. SYN®-HYCAN, a cosmetic tripeptide that lifts sagging skin, and hyaluronic acid, which increases hydration, are also included in the cream for your skin’s benefit. MDPen’s ReVita Peptide Moisture Crème is rich in emollients like shea butter and squalane, and it contains powerful antioxidants like vitamin C, passionfruit seed oil, and rosemary oil for skin health.

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Add this MDPen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizer to your skincare routine to improve the quality of your skin. The formula includes powerful active ingredients that protect your skin and add necessary moisture and hydration. With vitamins A, C, and E to condition, synthesize collagen, and block free radicals, this moisturizer is great food for your skin. Active ingredients include avobenzone (UVA filter) and octyl melhoxycirviemete (UVB filter).

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