Your Brand Needs an Influencer

It is essential to find real influencers or brand ambassadors as opposed to buying your followers on social media or using other methods, which create a false sense of influence. In order to do that you should build a relationship with them, which will take consistency.

What Characteristics Should I look for in an Influencer?


Reach: Influencers should have a contextual fit to your brand and also a fan base, which is large enough for their voice to be heard.

Fan loyalty: Will your influencer’s fans trust their opinion on your product or service honestly? If the fans do not trust the Influencer they will not take action in buying your product or service

Demeanor: Is this Influencer representative of your brand? Does this person have a good sense of professionalism during correspondence? If not, that may be a sign that they may not be a good fit for your product or service.

Creativity: If an influencer does not create great content they will not have a large following for long. Quality content will really make your brand shine. A great influencer not only creates quality content but also makes sure it is user friendly to share.

 Are they active online? You need an influencer who is an expert on your niche but also constantly sharing it. A great influencer should always be actively reaching their audience and staying connected.

Bottom Line: Perhaps your greatest Influencer is one of your very own patients or customers who is enthusiastic about your services and already enjoys sharing on social media. We recently posted a blog and an infographic about “What Your Patients Like to Share On Social.” Let your customers know you are looking for brand ambassadors and encourage them to share their stories to inspire others. Patient testimonials on your website are great, but you can dramatically increase engagement if your patient shares their own experience on their own timeline. You may only need to ask them!

Let us know what you think. Have you tried to build an Influencer following on your social media channels?

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