What Your Patients Share on Social

Ever wonder how to get more “shares” of your social media content? or what makes something “go viral?” Finally, we have some insight into what your patients, across age demographics, want to share on social media.  Here’s a hint:  Video is still king and Facebook is the most trusted platform for sharing.
Below is an excerpt from an infographic published by Accenture Interactive’s Acquity Group’s 2015 Next Generation of Commerce Study which takes a deeper look into social habits across demographics. Notice the high level of trust
people have in content their friends share on Facebook, and the high score that Youtube video gets.  It may jump start your social media efforts if you put more video on Facebook and give your followers incentives to share. To see the entire infographic, click here

Check out the latest MDPen Micro Needling treatment videos on our Vimeo channel, and feel free to share them on your Facebook page! ​

Which social media channels do you find that your patients like most for sharing?

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