Wedding Season — and MicroNeedling?

There are few things in this world as sweet as weddings. It’s one of the happiest occasions we can participate in. A bride and groom, declaring they want to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s a day of touching vows, tender moments, and hilarious unpredictabilities that make the day all that more special. On your wedding day, you want to look your best. You’ve picked out the perfect dress, planned the perfect flowers, and chosen the music. The reception is full of laughter and merriment, with wonderful wine or champagne and delicious food. And throughout it all, the photographer is capturing every wonderful moment, so you’ll have a record of your special day.

You want to look your best on your wedding day — as perfect as you’ve ever looked. MDPen is a leader in micro needling pens. We supply and train microneedling practitioners, so they can bring you the best in non invasive cosmetic procedures. Below, we offer up tips on how to look your best on your wedding day and propose why a micro needling session may be just what you need. Contact us today!


  • Exercise. If you have a few pounds you’d like to shed, joining a gym or beginning a fitness routine will help you achieve your wedding day goal.
  • Eat healthy. You are what you eat and if you want to look your absolute best, invest in healthy, whole foods that are unprocessed to avoid bloating and help with weight loss.
  • Drink water. Flush out toxins, and help your skin look its best by staying hydrated.
  • Try fake eyelashes. Lash extensions or fake eyelashes can help your eyes shine on your wedding day.
  • Tan. You don’t want to be whitewashed in your wedding day photos because of pale skin. Tanning once or twice can help your skin glow for your special day.
  • Set up a salon appointment. If you want your hair perfect for your wedding day, hiring a professional hairdresser is the best option. You can either make an appointment at a salon or some hairdressers may even come to you.
  • Set up a waxing appointment. Get your brows shaped to brighten and enlarge your eyes for your wedding photos.
  • Set up a makeup appointment. Makeup will ensure there is no strange gleam on your forehead or other lighting mishaps. It will also even out your facial tone for your big day.
  • Book a massage. Massage has great health benefits, including relaxing and soothing your body as well as your mood. A massage will relax you during this high-stress time of preparing for possibly the best day of your life. Any knots or tightness from stress will be worked out, and you’ll leave feeling like a million bucks.
  • Book your manicure and pedicure appointment. A pedicure is especially important if you’re getting married in the summer months, where you might be wearing sandals or high heels with an open toe. And that close up of the ring? You want your nails to be perfect for that.
  • Whiten your teeth. You’ll be smiling a lot in your wedding photos and bright, white teeth look great in photos. Schedule a professional teeth whitening a week or so before your wedding.
  • Think about your skin. You’ll want to maintain your daily skin care routine, moisturizing and cleansing twice a day. You may also want to try another non invasive cosmetic procedure such as micro needling a month or so ahead of time in order to look your best.


What is micro needling? Odds are, you’ve heard of it. Micro needling is a non invasive cosmetic procedure where tiny pinpricks are made in your skin to induce the lower layers of your skin to produce collagen, a protein that boosts the elasticity and firmness of your skin, which leads to fine lines and wrinkles having a reduced appearance. Micro needling can be used to treat acne scars, lessen skin pigmentations, and as well as reduce the appearance of stretch marks. But why try micro needling before your wedding?

  • You need a skin boost. Micro needling will plump up your skin, helping you to look years younger. It will reduce any fine lines or wrinkles that may show up in photos. It will give you a healthy glow, especially if you use our micro needling before and after skin care products, designed to increase the effects of a micro needling procedure. Micro needling is an exfoliate on drugs, as you’ll receive a new layer of skin, free from dead skin cells. The skin quality and texture of your skin will receive an amazing boost after a micro needling procedure.
  • Reduces pock marks or acne scars. Many of us had terrible acne as teenagers that may have left its mark on our skin. Micro needling works to repair the damaged tissue by helping to break up fibrosis underneath the skin, which allows the skin, causing it to let go of the tenting effect and your skin to bounce back into place. Note: Micro needling does not work as well on scars that may have required stitches.
  • Reduces black heads. The micro injuries of micro needling actually knock out black heads during the micro needling procedure, which is great news if you suffer from hormonal acne. The size of your pores are reduced as well. However, this only lasts for three to four weeks, so if black heads are a problem for you, be sure to plan your micro needling procedure to coincide with the timing of your wedding.
  • Treats acne. The reasons behind why micro needling stops acne remain unclean. However, studies have shown it does help, maybe due to the reduction in oil production in the skin.

Bottom line is a microneedling procedure, performed perhaps two or three weeks before your wedding, will make your face bright, renewed, and rejuvenated.

You only get married once, and you want your day to be perfect. You’ve prepared diligently ahead of time, and now it’s time for you to shine. Consider a microneedling treatment to look your best on your wedding day.


MDPen is a leader in supplying micro needling equipment to practitioners. We are passionate about helping people look their best and feel good about themselves. We’ve developed our own line of skin care products for use in microneedling before and after care. However, our all-natural, organic skin care products can be used as part of your daily skin care routine as well. We offer a Hydrating Cleanser to rid your skin of the dirt and grime from the day, MDPen Pure Hyaluronic (HA) Serum to restore vital nutrients and moisture to the deepest layers of your skin, and MDPen Moisture + Recovery Gel Mask to support skin repair and protect against future signs of aging.

MDPen is a leader in micro needling training courses, which we offer as online videos, so you and your staff can work at your own pace. We offer micro needling workshops for hands-on training as well as valuable insight into business practices with micro needling. In an effort to help offset the initial start up costs for practitioners of micro needling, we offer financing on our micro needling pens. Currently, we are offering no payments for 90 days for qualified customers.

Most of our lives are spent in day-to-day living. We wake up; we go to school or to work. We get married, maybe have kids, adopt some fur babies, and go to bed each night — only to repeat the same routine the next day. But in those days of sameness, you look at yourself in the mirror and want to like what you see. You want others to like what they see. Micro needling, also called collagen induction therapy or medical skin needling, is a non invasive cosmetic procedure that can help you like what you see. You have one life, and you don’t want to waste it dreading the bathroom mirror.

Amidst the sameness are the days we remember. We remember them because they are different and special. Your wedding day is one you’ll remember forever. Make it your best day, and try a micro needling procedure. We offer a “Find a Practitioner” page on our website for your convenience. For all those brides-to-be, MDPen extends their congratulations and sincerely wishes you look your best. Contact us today!

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