Treating Injuries to the Skin

Part of life is dealing with injuries. From the time we’re born ‘til the day we die, we’ll be accidentally running into things, cutting ourselves, and even breaking bones and other serious injuries — all of which affects our skin. Our body will naturally heal itself, and if the cut is serious enough, a scar will form. However, we can help our body heal (and minimize scarring) by performing a few basic first aid procedures. MDPen offers the best microneedling pens on the market. Our microneedling pens move at speeds up to 17,500 RPM, creating 15,000 micro channels per square inch. These pens yield maximum coverage per microneedling session and a thorough treatment of the area. Below, we’ll explain how you can help injuries to your skin heal, as well as how microneedling can help scars if they form. Contact us today!


Minor cuts

Minor cuts are accidental slips of a knife or a fall on a hard surface. These are easily treated at home.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water to prevent any bacteria from your hands entering the wound.
  • Wash the cut to get rid of any bacteria that may have already entered. Mild soap is recommended to help flush out any dirt.
  • Stop the bleeding. Apply minor pressure to help the blood clot until the bleeding stops.
  • Apply a disinfecting cream. Petroleum jelly is also a good alternative. This will kill any lingering bacteria as well as help to keep the cut moist to promote healing.
  • Cover the cut with a Band-Aid. This will not only keep the disinfectant cream intact, but it will also protect the cut from any further gunk getting in.
  • If the pain is intense, treat with an over-the-counter pain medication, such as one that contains acetaminophen.
  • Ask yourself if your tetanus vaccine is up-to-date. Tetanus is a disease that can kill you that is caused by bacteria that enters your body through a puncture wound.

Keeping your wounds clean is the best way to avoid scarring. Scars are formed as your body produces new collagen (a major protein in your skin). This new collagen has different a different texture than your old skin cells and surrounding tissue; hence, it looks different. Scars from after the wound is completely healed. Thus, you have an opportunity in the healing process to minimize them.

Major cuts

Also known as lacerations, major cuts are those that require stitches to heal. You often can distinguish the degree of your cut by if you can stop the bleeding. If you can’t stop the bleeding, you’ll have to see a doctor who can.

Puncture wounds

These wounds are caused by sharp objects that often don’t bleed, especially if nothing major was hit, such as an artery or vein. Because there are no symptoms to puncture wounds, they are at a greater risk of infection because you don’t do anything.

Because of the way our skin heals, scars will almost inevitably form, unless it’s a minor cut. If you are in doubt as to the severity of your wound or a wound is not healing, see your doctor. He or she can make sure it is healing correctly and there are no signs of infection.


Scars are a part of life, and tell a tale of all the adventures we’ve had. They are a form of memory that we carry with us. That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to settle for how they look, especially if they are on a part of your body that others see, such as your face and hands. Thanks to technology, scars can be severely curtailed, diminished, and can be almost completely healed. Below, we’ll share some tips (both DIY treatments and professional skin care treatments) to help you diminish your scars. microneedling is one of the professional skin care treatments, and MDPen specializes in helping practitioners bring microneedling to you. Visit us online today for list of professional practitioners near you!




  • Over-the-counter topicals. Nature herself makes some amazing ingredients that we can use to help us heal scars. Vitamin E, cocoa butter, and aloe vera creams can help.
  • Surgery. This may seem counterintuitive to you, since surgery involves cutting, which leave scars. However, if your scarring is severe, such as from an automobile accident or a fire, surgery can help.
  • Steroid injections. Steroid injections have been used for a long time to treat raised scars because steroids help to flatten scars, such as keloid or hypertrophic scars.
  • Dermabrasion. A non invasive cosmetic procedure, dermabrasion effectively removes the top layer of your skin, which can help blend your scars into your skin. Don’t confuse dermabrasion with microdermabrasion, which only removes the dead surface skin cells and is usually not used to diminish scars.
  • Laser treatments. Yielding similar results to dermabrasion, laser resurfacing removes the top layer of skin as well.
  • Filler injections. Filler injections are temporary fixes to scars and only scars that are caved in. Fillers do just that — fill in “holes”, hollows, or lines by plumping up the skin. This provides the effect of stretching the skin, which stretches the scar, which diminishes it. These treatments have to be constantly repeated to keep the appearance of the scar diminished, as most average about four months before your body gets rid of it. The most famous filler is Botox. That being said, there are many types of fillers that target different areas, so be sure to consult with your dermatologist or other healthcare practitioner to ensure you’re getting the right treatment for you.
  • microneedling. Unlike the other non invasive cosmetic skin care procedures listed above, microneedling does not remove the upper layer of skin. What is microneedling? microneedling instead targets the lower layers of your skin where the healing process begins. microneedling creates tiny injuries to your skin, thereby stimulating your skin to heal itself. This healing produces a new layer of skin to beef up the old layer of skin, which helps to diminish scars, reduce the signs of aging, as well as help with the appearance of stretch marks.


MicroNeedling is highly effective at treating scar tissue for many reasons.

  • It’s minimally invasive.
  • MicroNeedling requires little before and aftercare.
  • Through the collagen and elastin process, your skin will look new, and you’ll have a fresher glow.
  • Because MicroNeedling opens up channels to the lower layers of your skin, using serums and other amazing skin care products are more effective as they can more effectively reach these areas. You’ll see better results with MicroNeedling because of this. You will also heal faster.
  • Minimal complications. With no need to wear bandages or perform any other special skin care instructions, inflammation is reduced.
  • Skin tone is evened out with MicroNeedling, which is important for skin discolorations and rosacea.
  • MicroNeedling shrinks pores, which helps if you have oily skin. Acne is caused in part by clogged pores, so the smaller they are, the less likely they will be infected by bacteria, and the less likely you’ll have acne and thus acne scars.
  • Stretch marks are a form of scar, caused by excessive stretching of the skin and tiny tears that occur as a result. MicroNeedling is highly effective in diminishing the appearance of stretch marks by having them blend into the surrounding skin, improving their color and texture.

Depending on the extent of your scars, sometimes multiple MicroNeedling sessions are required. Your MicroNeedling practitioner can help answer this question and many more when you visit him or her.


MDPen cares about people. Although we produce the best microneedling pens and microneedling devices, our business is helping people feel more self-confident and have better self-esteem. Life is too short to spend time worrying about how you look in the mirror. We believe in helping people see the person they want to see in the mirror. Sure, it can matter what others think about you and you do want to look good to others, but ultimately, it’s how you think you look that determines how you feel that day, how you’ll act around others, and whether or not you’ll go out after work with your colleagues or you won’t. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and MDPen believes through microneedling, you can enjoy it a little bit better.

MDPen focuses on serving the microneedling practitioners who service their patients. We do this by making offering microneedling services as easy as possible for them. From marketing materials to microneedling pens and customer care, we value our relationship with our practitioners. We offer financing on our microneedling pens in order to make offering microneedling more affordable for spa owners, clinics, and aestheticians. We created our own microneedling serums that use only all-natural, vegan formulations with organic ingredients that promote the healing process of microneedling, as well as serve as overall great routine skin care products.

We invest highly in people; hence, we offer microneedling training courses for those to learn how to perform a microneedling procedure. We offer advanced workshops to offer more practice for our current microneedling practitioners. We use this opportunity to answer questions and review new technology and trends in the microneedling industry. We offer BLT numbing creams and replacement needles in an effort to make it easy for our practitioners to obtain microneedling equipment. We offer training videos and regularly update our website with educational pieces on microneedling. We offer a practitioner network, so those looking for microneedling in your area can find you. Finally, we offer customer support on our microneedling pens. You can submit warranty claims via our practitioner portal online, or give us a call.

MDPen cares about the success of our practitioners in helping others feel better about themselves. Through investing in training, we are confident our microneedling practitioners do what is right for their patients — and they have the knowledge to do so. microneedling is an amazing non invasive cosmetic procedure that is continually evolving, as other treatments use microneedling as well. If you are interested in becoming a microneedling practitioner, contact us today!

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