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MicroNeedling and the Transmission of Drugs

Many people today are scared of needles. Some people actually pass out at the sight of them. They are big and scary, and many of us remember getting shots as a child because they hurt. What if there was a way to receive a vaccine without a big, scary needle? What if we told you

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Prepare for Spring Break NOW with MicroNeedling

Spring is in the air despite it being January. Days are getting longer, snow is melting (albeit being covered again at times), and pets are beginning to shed their winter coats. For many of us, spring is one of our favorite times of year. Many of us look forward to spring break, especially if we

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Ways to Treat Yourself or Others for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day began as a festival called Lupercalia, which was a Roman fertility celebration held from February 13th to the 15th, where women were matched with men. The name comes from the Romans as well — inadvertently mind you — when Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine — on February 14

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MicroNeedling for Men

It’s a fact that most non invasive cosmetic procedures are undertaken by women. In fact, just under 10 percent of plastic surgeries are performed on men according to the American Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery(ASAPS). Historically, men weren’t supposed to care about their looks. Scars, calluses, and bruises showed you worked hard. However, the stereotype

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4 Steps to Becoming a MicroNeedling Practitioner

microneedling is one of the fastest growing, non invasive cosmetic procedures. Adding it to your aesthetician practice, your day spa, your medical clinic, or physician’s office can bring in new clients and better serve your existing clients. MDPen, a supporter of microneedling practitioners, offers micron needling training courses. The steps to becoming a MDPen licensed

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Microneedling Training Course

MicroNeedling Training Courses

MDPen offers microneedling training courses that deals on educating aestheticians, med spa owners or managers, and medical professinals about this non-invasive, cosmetic procedure. Our training courses online and in-person workshops provide sufficient guidelines to growing your business with us. Most importantly, MDPen continues to be a leading supplier of microneedling pens such as MDPen’s Dual

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