Smart Strategies To Get Free Media Coverage for Your Small Business

Using a creative approach small businesses can get the same free media coverage as large organizations!  Different media outlets hand out free publicity every day.  Advertising works very well, especially combined with a media story.

A Different Approach

A small business will have a tougher time than a bigger organization.  The best approach is having good information or advice that will be helpful to the media outlet’s audience.  If you present yourself as a media savvy expert it will be easier getting media attention.  You can begin by taking notes of the areas that you are expert in or that your business focuses on. If your area of expertise can relate to a hot topic in the news, that is even better!

Finding Media Outlets Who Will Cover You

The best way to get coverage is to find the reporter that handles stories similar to yours.  Contact them by email or call after researching their website.  Have a press release prepared.  This approach works with all media outlets.

Follow Up

Stay in touch with media who covers you.  Send a handwritten note to whoever contributed to your story being released. Make sure that you are the person they think of when your topic comes up in the news throughout the year.

Bottom Line – Although the phrase “all press is good press” might not be true, free press will always be the best press.  It is great to get coverage from different media outlets.  Creativity and persistence can help you achieve free press.  Have you gotten free press recently or used a certain tactic for coverage?  Comment below!


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