Skin Care During the Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season — nicely put — is unpleasant. It’s miserable if you’re a parent. It starts a couple of weeks after school starts and goes until after spring break. If you’re lucky, you get breaks in-between. However, some years feel like it’s non-stop sniffles, sinus pain, stuffy noses, coughing, and the occasional midnight trip to the bathroom (hopefully, your child makes it!).

And let’s not forget you yourself. You are usually not as impacted as your kids, but you’re impacted enough. Loss of sleep. Arranging alternate care when your child has to miss school. Late night trips to the grocery store for Sprite, chicken noodle soup, and children’s Tylenol. And when you get the sniffles and stuffy nose, cold and flu season is now upgraded to downright horrific.

The cold and flu season impacts your skin equally as bad as your mental well being. The flu causes our body stress in all areas, including your skin. You don’t drink enough fluids, so your skin’s cells are dehydrated. You’re constantly blowing your nose, wreaking havoc on your face’s skin. You’re not sleeping well, which doesn’t allow your skin’s cells to recover properly.

MDPen is a provider of microneedling pens to practitioners who help patients with acne scars, stretch marks, hair loss, and skin pigmentations. What is microneedling? microneedling is the use of a needle to create tiny micro channels in your skin that promote healing and strengthening of your skin’s lower layers. This helps reduce signs of aging in addition to those conditions mentioned above. Below, in this blog post, we’ll offer tips on skin care for when you have the sniffles. Contact us today to learn more microneedling benefits.


  • Moisturize. We mentioned above that you’re skin gets dehydrated when you are sick. Add in the constant nose blowing, hand washing, winter dry weather, and any medications that may be causing nausea or lack of appetite and your skin is probably chapped and irritated. Use moisturizer, more so than you normally do. Apply to affected areas, such as around the nose and eyes, as well as chapstick for your lips. You can add in a serum to your skin as well to soothe and decrease the inflammation. A humidifier is a great idea, which will not only keep your skin moist on the outside, but will also have you breathing in moist air on the inside for your lungs that may be inflamed. Add in a facial mask for extra hydration, and stop the retinoids for a few days to let your skin recover.
  • Refrigerate your moisturizer. Cold skin care products will soothe your skin (especially if you’re battling a fever), as well as reduce redness since the cold constricts capillaries.
  • Nothing beats cold cucumber therapy. When you have a cold or the flu, sometimes returning to the most simple, natural products is the solution. We often get puffy eyes when we’re sick because we’re not sleeping enough, we’re stuffed up, and we’re sneezing. Apply some cucumber slices to your eyes. Cucumber revitalizes and tightens up the skin. High in ascorbic acid and caffeic acid, cucumbers will help bring down the water retention around your eyes as well as help get rid of dark circles. Cucumbers are 95 percent water, helping to moisturize the skin as well. If you don’t have a cucumber handy, look for an eye cream with caffeine (what a cucumber contains) to reduce puffiness. A cold compress can also help, and it will feel good, especially if you’ve been fighting a fever.
  • Invest in a hand sanitizer that moisturizes. When you’re sick, you’re constantly washing your hands to prevent the spread of germs. Invest in a hand sanitizer with all-natural ingredients that will regenerate your skin’s cells.
  • Drink fluids. Most of us live in a dehydrated state as it is. However, when you’re sick, your body is using extra water to fend off the bacteria and viruses that are attacking you. Water is the best, but when you’ve had the flu, consider loading up on a water beverage full of electrolytes to get you re-energized. Lots of soup as well is not only nourishing but is primarily water. And don’t forget the hot tea! Loaded with antioxidants to help fight the bad guys, tea is in essence water as well.
  • Pamper your nose. Constantly blowing your nose or managing a drippy nose is not only annoying, but also extremely hard on the skin around your nose. Invest in a thicker moisturizer or a serum, or apply Vaseline to cracks around your nose. Vaseline is also great to apply inside your nostrils when it becomes inflamed or on any other exposed skin that needs extra attention.
  • Combat redness with green. The red look you get when you’ve been blowing your nose is unflattering, especially if you have a client-facing role in your job and you interact with customers. Nothing’s worse than customers commenting on how red your nose is, or asking if you have a cold while staring at your Rudolph nose. A moisturizer with a green tint can help cancel out the red color, as well as alleviate the dryness.
  • Take warm showers, not hot. A hot bath or shower may be exactly what you need to combat a nasty, lingering cold. However, if your skin is flaking, dial the temperature down a notch to a warm shower, and keep these relatively short. Hot water dries out the skin, which is what you don’t want when you’re sick. Also, make sure the soap you are using is gentle on your skin. Fragrance-free is preferable. Then moisturize as soon as you are done to lock in that water content.
  • Sunscreen. Sure, it’s winter out. And the sun is out as well. The rays from the sun are not as strong but are still dangerous nevertheless. If your skin becomes damaged from the sun (anyone been skiing all day and ended up with a sunburn on your face can attest), it can either become dry and then peel, which, when you’re sick, is the last thing you need to be dealing with. Cover your head, and invest in a good scarf to protect from the wind. Gloves are a must-have and must-use item as well when you are sick.
  • Rest. Your body heals while you’re sleeping. And when you’re fighting off a virus or bacteria, it’s imperative to get even more rest, so your body can do its job well.


In general, when you’re suffering from a cold or the flu, look for skin care products that will protect your skin as well as lock in moisture content. Ingredients such as ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin are great for soothing the skin, forming a protective barrier from the bad guys looking to invade your body, and will help with rehydrating. Drink water. Rest. The best thing you can do while you’re sick is help your body do its job to heal.


MDPen manufactures microneedling pens for practitioner use. The benefits of microneedling include help with signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles, improve acne scars and stretch marks, and help with hair loss. Recently, microneedling has been combined with other non invasive cosmetic techniques, such as RF microneedling and vampire facials, to help increase the intended results.

MDPen maintains a database of all of our practitioners. When considering a professional microneedling procedure versus microneedling at home, we highly encourage you to visit our website. On our News page is a wealth of information about what is microneedling, the benefits of microneedling, microneedling before and after photos, skin care trends, numbing creams, and even micro needling training courses for those interested in offering microneedling in their skin care clinic, day spa, or practice. microneedling is a non invasive cosmetic procedure that can help you achieve your skin care goals.

We also offer our own proprietary skin care products that can help you when you have the cold and flu. Designed specifically to be used with micro needling, our advanced skin care products, however, are perfect to add to any regular skin care routine. They are powerful and promote overall health and well being of your skin. We have Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum that is quite effective in helping with dry and red skin. Made from all-natural organic ingredients, our skin care products help restore, rejuvenate, and firm the skin.

MDPen takes pride in supporting our microneedling practitioners. We offer marketing materials, warranties on our microneedling pens, micro needling training courses, and microneedling training videos. We offer ongoing microneedling training courses in the form of our weekend workshops that are held all over the country. These workshops offer hands-on practice as well as the latest in microneedling technology.

MDPen understands that having a cold or the flu is no fun. But proper care of your body and of your skin will allow you to come out of the doldrums and into life again. Contact us today!

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