Are you ready to see a LIVE RF MicroNeedling Treatment? 

Join Dr. Madh as she performs a live treatment demonstration of Radio Frequency Microneedling using EndyMed Intensif and teaches the proper aftercare protocol!

Our speaker, Dr. Madh, is an experienced board-certified physician and celebrity beauty expert.

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🗓️ November 3rd at 8:30 pm EDT (5:30 pm PDT)

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  • Glow from within. ✨ With the EndyMed Intensif RF MicroNeedling, the Radio Frequency energy is delivered over the entire length of the needle for better and more uniform volumetric heating of the dermal tissue at deep levels. 🤩 (Repost from @dermafixaustin )
  • Best Skincare Products After Microneedling. Taking care of your skin after a Microneedling procedure makes a big difference in the outcome of your treatment. Not only will appropriate aftercare shorten your recovery time, but it will also help your skin to make the most out of the treatment. 😍

Learn more about the EndyMed Intensif here: /microneedling/endymed-intensif/


Check our linkin profile or click the link to register now https://info.mdpenco/live-rf-webinar

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