Quick New Year Health and Beauty Tips For a Better You

A New Year is about new beginnings. We all want to be better in the New Year in many ways: health, wealth, beauty, spiritually, and overall a better person. MDPen, a microneedle supplier, exists to help you feel better about yourself through helping to eliminate signs of aging, sun spots, scarring from acne, stretch marks, and even help with hair loss — all through microneedling. Below is some of our favorite tips in health and beauty for a better you in 2019


  • Go for a walk as many days as possible. Exercise is amazing for both physical and mental health. You’ll gain clarity as endorphins kick in when your heart rate rises, feeling so much better afterwards.
  • Turn off the TV. Even if just for 20 minutes a day, having the TV off will afford mental clarity and get you off the couch and away from mindless eating. Be present with your pets and your family instead.
  • Add a facial rub to your skin care routine. Giving yourself a five minute facial will increase blood flow and loosen tight muscles, which can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, self-care will go a long way to making you feel better about yourself and energizing you for the day ahead or relaxing you for a good night’s sleep.
  • Pat your skin dry. Rubbing your skin dry can leave it itchy and rough. If you pat your skin with a soft cloth or even toilet paper, your skin will feel extra soft and silky.
  • Invest in eye drops. Did you know eye drops take the red out of more than your eyes? Put a couple of drops on your skin and watch the red disappear. This is great for pimples and other blotches.
  • Add in foods that are good for your skin. Avocados are great to eat to promote bright skin or to rub on your skin as well for added moisture and antioxidant health.
  • Moisturize right after a shower or swim. Try to aim for within three minutes. Your pores are more open and receptive to your moisturizer after having been in water. Don’t let this window pass you by.
  • Drink more water. Drinking a glass of water as soon as you wake up will help your body replace the moisture lost during the night as well as rehydrate you after your eight-hour fast.
  • Change your hairstyle. Start the New Year right with a new look. Get it cut into a stylish bob or add bangs. You can also switch the way your part your hair for a new look as well.
  • Every meal is a chance for a new you. You can’t change what you ate in the past, and you can’t predict the future. What you can control is your choice in this moment — choose healthy foods.


Small choices made consistently every day will, over time, yield results. Walking every day will burn calories. Choosing each meal wisely will yield less junk food eaten. Drinking more water will improve your overall skin health. Self-care through a facial rub will make you feel special. And if you compound all these small changes over years, you’ll be a whole new you without having to devote a lot of energy to them.

MDPen advocates microneedling as a tool to add to your skin care regimen in order to increase your self-esteem and self-confidence in your appearance. Life is too short to feel bad about how you look. Taking small steps towards your goals and adding small things to your routine will make all the difference. Contact us today!

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