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PurePRP SupraPhysiologic

There is a clear reason for the success of PurePRP SupraPhysiologic. It has the perfect cellular composition at ideal concentrations. It is a clinical marvel that’s not duplicated anywhere.

Platelet rich plasma is a complex composition of cellular components that, when prepared properly, can be used to heal and repair a host of injuries and conditions. Platelet rich plasma is a biologic, and the cornerstone of the consortium of regenerative therapies used in modern medicine. It is chosen over surgery for many conditions, ranging from degenerative joint disease, to tendon and ligament tears. When it is prepared correctly, it can make a difference in your recovery.
Clinical platelet rich plasma (C-PRP) contains a clinical dose of concentrated platelets in a treatment sample. Scientific studies provide proof of bone and soft tissue healing enhancement with a minimum PRP platelet count of 1,000,000 platelets per microliter1. This translates to a minimum of 1 billion platelets per milliliter. Therefore, a 5mL treatment sample of C-PRP should contain at least 5 billion deliverable platelets, for clinical efficacy.

PurePRP® SupraPhysiologic now stands alone, processing the most advanced C-PRP formulation in a single concentrating device.

A sophisticated design with ground breaking innovations make the already best Concentrating System even better.

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PurePRP SupraPhysiologic is an effective tool in anti-aging skin care. PRP treatments help to lift and tighten the skin while providing texture improvement for all ages and skin types.