New Year, New Offerings at Your Medical Clinic

The New Year is upon us. New years are traditionally known for new beginnings and resolutions. Many of us have personal resolutions such as losing weight and visiting Iceland. However, we also have resolutions for our businesses as well. Most of us want to grow our business and better serve our clients by offering more products and/or services.

If you’re a medical practitioner, an aesthetician, a day spa owner, a doctor, a nurse, or someone interested in beginning a new practice, MDPen is here to help you add microneedling procedures to your clinic. Our practitioner support services are unmatched. We put you first in everything we do, from offering proprietary serums that are designed with microneedling pens in mind to offering microneedling training courses both online and near you. Below, we’ll provide tips to beginning a microneedling practice and explain how MDPen can help. Visit us online today for much more information.


  • Research. Like all new businesses and services, it’s helpful to know the market and your competition. See who else in your area is offering microneedling procedures and which products are they using. You can also check our list of MDPen practitioners on our site to see any MDPen microneedling practitioners in your area. Also, look at businesses that are doing similar services to you. For instance, if you own a day spa, see what others are doing. Odds are, you can do that same service better.
  • Understand microneedling. This tip goes hand-in-hand with market research. If you want to offer microneedling services, make sure you understand the basics. You’ll have to answer questions from potential clients, such as “What is microneedling?”, “What conditions does microneedling treat?”, and “Is microneedling for me?” You’ll want to make sure you understand microneedling before offering it to your clients. Visit our site, and specifically our news page, for a wealth of information on conditions microneedling treats, before and aftercare, and tips for using our skin care products.
  • Purchase your microneedling pens. For MDPen, when you purchase our microneedling devices, microneedling training online for three people is included. For a separate fee, your staff can also receive optional in-office training with one of our licensed aesthetic educators. This is a great way to get hands-on training and feel extremely comfortable with the micro needling pen before you begin offering micro needling to your patients. Like any new tool, you and your staff will quickly learn the ins and outs and be proficient in no time. We offer two microneedling pens for your convenience: MDPen Dual Cordless/Electric Micro Needling and MDPen Electric Micro needling pens.
  • Utilize our financing option. MDPen understands the cost of running a business, starting a business, and adding new services. microneedling technology has a high up-front initial investment cost. In addition to the microneedling pens, you will probably invest more in all of our other products such microneedling brochures, replacement needles, and proprietary serums and skin care products specifically for microneedling patients. To help defray this cost, MDPen offers financing on our microneedling pens, which affords you the chance to pay for them as you go and earn money now. Your equipment will, in essence, pay for itself.
  • Stay connected. MDPen is passionate about support. We offer an unparalleled support network for all of our practitioners. Our dedicated practitioner portal is the place to find microneedling practitioners, which you will be listed on once you sign up with us, submit warranty claims, shop all of our microneedling equipment, watch training videos, and receive marketing and support documents. Our Facebook page is another great resource as it’s updated regularly with our upcoming microneedling workshops and training videos as well as new studies that come out on microneedling.
  • Purchase microneedling supplies. Supplies are always a constant with medical practices, clinics, nurses, doctors, aestheticians, and spa owners. MDPen endeavors to make this as affordable as possible by offering a discount on most of our practitioner resources such as brochures and skin care products if you buy in bulk. Visit our site often as we do run specials as well.


If you are a spa owner, aesthetician, nurse or a medical professional that specializes in skin revitalization, MDPen might be the right choice for your practice for the New Year. microneedling is growing in uses (such as hair loss) and in numbers of procedures performed every year, and we don’t see that diminishing any time soon. microneedling as a non invasive skin care procedure is a safe and effective anti-aging treatment that uses your body’s natural healing process to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring. MDPen offers high quality products, amazing training, and outstanding support. There’s no better time than the New Year to add to our repertoire of offerings or begin a new microneedling practice. If you have any questions about becoming a MDPen microneedling practitioner, please contact us today. We can answer all or your questions and help you get started right away. Contact us today!

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