Microneedling Treatment and Rosacea: What is Rosacea?

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Rosacea is commonly defined by redness and obvious blood vessels in your face which has multiple types like pustular acne rosacea, the flushing or blushing type of rosacea, rhinophyma, and ocular rosacea. Pustular acne is a contraindication for microneedling so if your patients have this form of rosacea, they are not a candidate until their skin can be cleared up.

Microneedling is NOT considered to be a curative treatment for rosacea.

Most people with rosacea who will come to you interested in microneedling may probably have flushing and blushing or telangiectasia. But this does not mean that they are NOT candidates for microneedling.

On page 88 of his book, The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling Third Medical Edition, Dr. Lance Setterfield, M.D. has pointed the following answers to the question How Does Needling Correct Rosacea?

  • Stimulates epidermal growth factor which increases the density of the epidermis, lessening the appearance of vessels beneath the skin and the overall redness
  • Strengthens collagen in both vessel walls and connective tissue that supports the vessels
  • Increases Platelet GF which attracts monocytes into the wound which release interleukin 10 (anti-inflammatory cytokine)
  • Increases availability of cell nutrients and antioxidants (with “cosmetic” needling)
  • Suppression of innate immune pathology is dependent on T cell-divided interleukin 10 and also on the production of TGF-β (Transforming growth factor β) (p.88)*

Microneedling Treatment Tips for Patients with Rosaceamicroneedling rosacea 1

  • Treat at a superficial level and make sure you do not beyond that.
  • Turn down your speed for these patients if need be. We know people with rosacea tend to have more sensitive skin so you may expect your rosacea patients to have a slightly longer downtime as far as redness goes, and perhaps a sunburnt feeling.
  • Use the red LED light after microneedling to help with the redness.
  • Add PRP to their treatment which will also help decrease the downtime for patients with rosacea.

Things Rosacea Patients Should Avoid Before and After Microneedling

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  1. Avoid triggers. Of course, we know there are different triggers for everyone that has rosacea. It can be everything from alcohol, to coffee, to heat, to avocado, tomato, yogurt so most rosacea patients over time would figure out some of their triggers, and you can definitely stress this to them to avoid those triggers the week prior and the week following their microneedling treatment.
  2. Avoid the gym. We do not want to have excessive sweating the few days following microneedling, so it’s best to keep these patients out of the gym. The sweating can cause additional irritation and will also let in dirt and debris and whatever else into the skin.
  3. Do not over-exfoliate. Rosacea patients need to lay off the exfoliation for a while definitely the week following the treatment and perhaps the week prior. If they are on Retin-A or retinoid, they can stop it one to two weeks prior to their microneedling treatment.
  4. Do not use glycolic peel. You need to emphasize this with your rosacea patients: Give their skincare a break and lay off on anything that has glycolic in them.

MDPen Serums recommended for Rosacea Patients

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  • Vitamin C + E Brightening Serum is a great morning treatment that protects against environmental damage, free radicals, helps with natural lightening and brightening. We formulated this in a way that it can be used oftentimes. People with rosacea and sensitive skin usually avoid vitamin c but this one has hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA) fruit enzymes which give a slight form of exfoliation but are very non-irritating.

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  • Pure HA Serum poses no harm for Rosacea patients. It is a totally vegan product, no parabens and sulfates. This is always going to be a safe choice for them.

Rosacea patients can absolutely use these products daily. Reach out to mdpen.co or talk to our practitioners to learn more.

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*Setterfield, Lance. The Concise Guide to Dermal Needling Third Medical Edition. Victoria, CA, Acacia Dermacare, December 22, 2017.

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