Oligo elements known as trace elements or trace minerals, which are found within the body, can also be used topically within skincare. They are organic elements or enzymes found within skincare products just like our Copper + HA Mist. It is a triple peptide, which has zinc, magnesium, and copper all present within it.

These are really going to help protect against environmental damage to the skin as well. So you have it almost mimicking a peptide, not as an antioxidant.  These are also going to help the damage that is already there on the skin and prevent future damage.

Oligo Elements CopperCOPPER

When we think of copper salts, these have an antibacterial effect on the skin, which makes them a necessary element. It is actually illegal to place pigmented copper in skincare—it is not allowed. We just want to let you know. Of course, we don’t do that here in MDPen.

Our product, Copper + HA Mist, is very exclusive to our company. There are really not a lot of copper products found in skincare on the market. If you do find one, that’s a big deal because not everyone is using it.

Now, with copper, we have these really nice effects of antimicrobial properties. This makes it important to use at the beginning and end of a microneedling treatment.

Copper basically helps create collagen, which in turn helps damaged skin. When we pertain to microneedling, copper will definitely speed up this healing response time.

With trace elements, these typically are found through consumption with nutrition. This can be in the form of vegetables or meats, nuts, seeds—things like these. They are exclusive to certain parts of the body, which makes them all necessary. Even though they are found in these very small amounts, they are necessary for proper functioning.

MAGNESIUMOligo Elements Magnesium

Magnesium or manganese is also found in our Copper + HA Mist. This really assists in the healing of wounds. Tracing back to microneedling, which creates micro-injuries to the skin, magnesium is super helpful in speeding up the healing of these small wounds. This ingredient can be found in our Copper + HA Mist product.

If healing is going to require an increase in collagen production, you’ll need to have these trace minerals helping you with it.

Manganese also provides amino acids, which are essential for collagen formation with wound healing. Of course, when you have the deficiency of magnesium within the skin, you will have accelerated skin aging. So you can also think of our Copper + HA Mist as an anti-aging product. Even though a lot of times we do think it’s wound healing or antimicrobial, it actually is an anti-aging product as well.

Oligo Elements ZincZINC

Zinc is one of the most necessary, important ingredients for our skin health. This is a very necessary product for someone who has acne or really needs to work on their sebum production and the oiliness of the skin. They definitely want to be using zinc.

They’ve found that zinc can also help control these hormones that cause acne just by using it topically as well as eating foods that have zinc in them. Zinc is very necessary for our acne-prone folks as well as just balancing their skin. So it’s really going to be great after micorneedling for that purpose as well.


Copper + HA Mist

This product has these elements of anti-aging, restoring wounds, and environmental protection for damaged skin. Zinc is actually vital to the breakdown of alcohol. If you have overly consumed alcohol, this does lead to a zinc deficiency. This is why after a night of heavy drinking, your skin might look dull and tired because of zinc deficiency.

Copper + HA Mist product has zinc and magnesium content. With the HA element added to this product, it repairs the damaged cells. These zinc properties are also anti-acne. It also has anti-inflammatory properties coming from the copper. After having microneedling treatments, your skin does feel very tight and dry. It does feel damaged; you can feel a minor sunburn feeling. When you mist this Copper + HA Mist product, it feels very soothing to the skin.

Copper + HA Mist Q&A

Is it safe for teens with active acne?

ABSOLUTELY! This is a very convenient product for teens. Young people really like using toners on their skin as well as mist. Teens who are very active in sports and cannot immediately wash their face, can use our Copper + HA Mist. Absolutely, by junior high, sixth grade, 12 years old. A great time to start introducing this product is typically in the beginning of acne within young people.

Can you use Copper + HA Mist after hair restoration?

Typically, whether you are doing facial microneedling treatment for anti-aging, stretch marks, or hair restoration, we are utilizing this product before and after. With every treatment, the scalp is going to respond quickly as far as anti-inflammatory response.

Can you pair this product with Retinol?

You can. If you are using this as a toner in the evening, you would mist first this and then apply Retinol. But they are the only two things that you should be using. There is no contraindication as far as using Retinol and Copper + HA Mist together. Retinol is meant to be used in the evening.

Can you use Copper HA Mist as a post-shaving product for men?

Yes. Copper Mist post-shaving for men is going to be an ideal thing to use. This copper mist, right after shaving, is going to help with any inflammation.

Are there specific skin care ingredients you shouldn’t use with Copper + HA Mist?

No. There are none that we are aware of. But if you are using a LED light, it’s best not to put your patient under it with the fresh copper product on your face. That really will be the only contraindication.

Oligo Copper Mist

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