MicroNeedling for Calluses

Let’s face it, your hands take a beating most days. You use them almost 100 percent of the time that you’re awake, from turning on light switches, washing dishes, preparing food, typing at work, installing a fence in your backyard, picking up your baby, petting your dog or cat, and doing pull ups at the gym. You are constantly losing dead skin cells on your hands, and luckily for us, they are constantly being replaced. In fact, if you’ve ever gotten a cut on your hand or had the unpleasant experience of having a callus rip during a CrossFit workout, you’ve discovered that your hands heal amazingly fast. MDPen produces a powerful line of proprietary skin care products to help you care for your skin, including the skin on your hands. In this blog post, we’ll examine how to treat calluses with microneedling.


Calluses are in essence the buildup of skin, usually on the hands and feet, as a result of friction, which in physics, is the resistance that is encountered by an object that is acted upon by another. Friction causes drag and is in part what will slow you down and stop you without another outside force acting upon it. Callus build up is our body’s process to protect the areas that we use the most. Callus build up can also be caused by irritation. Naturally, we get calluses on our hands and feet because of their near-constant use. Calluses in themselves are not harmful, but can cause further skin problems or infection.


  • Lack of care
  • Buildup of dead skin cells
  • Friction
  • Aging
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid problems


  • Caring for your skin. Some areas of your skin have fewer oil glands, which can make your skin drier and rougher. Moisturizing the affected areas will help to keep the calluses soft and can help in their buildup as well. This is where a good skin care routine comes in, as you want the best ingredients, such as those found in MDPen’s skin care products.
  • Removing dead skin layers. Buildup of your skin in unavoidable if you do repetitive movements that your body deems needs extra protection. In this case, calluses can be shaved down to keep a low-profile so they are less likely to blister and remove those excess dead skin cell layers.
  • Stopping the irritation or friction. Calluses will naturally go away if you stop the activity, ending the constant friction.

Calluses ultimately protect us as we continue to perform our favorite activities (playing string instruments, such as the guitar, lifting weights, rock climbing, performing construction work, or ballet dancing), so their buildup in not necessarily a bad thing. Care of calluses is important in some sports, however, because sudden friction can cause blisters, abrasion, or tearing of the skin, which is painful.


microneedling causes the formation of new skin cells by creating tiny micro injuries in the skin. The skin recognizes these injuries and begins the skin repair process. This process includes the creation of collagen and elastin (proteins in the body) that can help to repair your skin. In the case of calluses in particular, new skin will replace the dead skin as well as stimulate your body to shed the dead skin. Furthermore, if you use MDPen’s microneedling serums on your skin after your microneedling treatment, powerful moisturizing ingredients will be delivered to the lower layers where your skin needs it most. As always, consult your professional microneedling practitioner, a dermatologist, or an aesthetician if you have questions about microneedling for calluses. microneedling can be used on all areas of your body, so it’s a great treatment in odd places calluses form, such as your hands, feet, and elbows.



MDPen makes the best microneedling pen. We specialize in helping practitioners deliver world-class microneedling treatments by offering microneedles, replacement needles, marketing brochures, BTL numbing cream, and our microneedling serums. In the case of calluses, once you have your microneedling session, you’ll want to invest in a superb microneedling aftercare program. microneedling opens up microchannels in your skin, exposing the lower layers for a small amount of time. You’ll want to maximize this window with our microneedling serums.

For a moisturizer, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat MDPen’s Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum. Hyaluronic acid is praised for its capacity to hold moisture content more than any other polymer. Applying this serum after your professional microneedling treatment will deliver much-needed moisture to your calluses, as well as restore your skin’s firmness and elasticity. Our Cellular Renewal Serum delivers similar results, which target your skin’s cells. Our Hydrating Cleanser delivers a one-two punch to your calluses by cleaning your skin, removing any impurities from the environment, as well as delivering fast-acting and much-needed moisture content to the afflicted areas. MDPen’s Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Moisturizer is great for every day use as you head out to the office in the morning. Designed to hydrate and moisturize your skin, this serum will protect you from harmful UV rays that aim to rob your skin of not only moisture, but also can cause damage that leads to premature signs of aging. Shop online for our current serum specials today!

MDPen is a full-service microneedling equipment provider, aiming to satisfy your busy spa, clinic or practice’s every need. We offer a practitioner portal where you can find support. You can register your microneedling device, order supplies, list your practice, view training videos, buy marketing materials, and submit client before and after microneedling videos. We offer financing on our microneedling pens as we want to help your practice succeed. We offer microneedling training courses for you and your staff. We offer advanced microneedling workshops for ongoing training support. And we are constantly adding educational material not only for our practitioners to learn about the latest in microneedling technology, but also for those interested in microneedling treatments.

Caring for your skin is not only the best alternative to treating calluses, but also is one of the best things you can do to prevent signs of aging and keeping your skin healthy. Our proprietary line of serums can be used year-round to keep your skin bright and healthy. We create products we believe will help others.

MDPen is passionate about helping people lead their best lives. We believe in the power of professional microneedling to help people feel better about themselves through healing their skin. We understand that you can become self-conscious about bumps, wrinkles, scars, and hair loss. Offering up a top-notch solution like professional microneedling is one of the best things MDPen can do for others.

MDPen aims to be a full-service microneedle provider. If you have a problem with your microneedling pen, we offer warranty service. If you need assistance or have questions with regards to any product we offer, we’re here to help. We believe firmly that if your practice, clinic, or day spa is successful, then we will have succeeded in our mission to help others. If you’re interested in offering microneedling procedures, contact us today to sign up for microneedling training, or visit us online to find out more!

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