MDPen Skin Care: Moisture + Recovery Gel Mask

The skin care aisle (either in your local department store or online) can be daunting to look at. So many products next to each other that your mind goes into a tizzy. And reading all the labels and analyzing all the ingredients would take a while.


However, what substances you put on your face matters. You want to optimize the health of your skin, protect it from the sun and free radicals (unstable atoms that can damage cells, especially skin cells since they are exposed to the air), and look your best. This is a tall order for skin care products to fill.


MDPen is a leader is supplying microneedling practitioners with microneedling devices and microneedling equipment such as MDPen and Neuromed BLT Numbing Cream. We also produce our own proprietary skin care creams, designed to hasten the healing process of microneedling procedures. These creams and serums can be used regularly, outside of the microneedling healing process, in order to nourish your skin and make it feel your best.


A microneedling device can be harsh to the skin. Mitigating that harshness is what MDPen’s skin care products do best. In this blog post, we’re going to examine MDPen’s Moisture + Recovery Gel in depth to explore just what it does for your skin, so you can make an educated decision when adding this to your skin care routine.




Powered by human growth factors, MDPen’s Moisture + Recovery Gel multiplies your skin’s cells to encourage collagen growth. Human growth factors are a discovery that earned the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1986, even though the discoveries were made in the 1950s.


Human growth factors are abundant throughout the body and are basically large proteins that float between cells communicating crucial messages relevant to growth, healing, and survival. All types of cells make these human growth factors. In the skin, human growth factors are manufactured in the outermost epidermal layer and the deeper dermis. Hence, this is the skin you see in the mirror. When the proteins stop floating around and find a cell to attach to, the proteins tell the cell various commands, most importantly, to replicate, repair, and rejuvenate when it senses an injury or a weakness.


Human growth factors are thus collagen-builders — signalling the cells to produce collagen and elastin or increase blood flow in order to make necessary repairs to the skin. This is a natural process; however, like all things with our body and age, this process starts to diminish the older we get. Throw in the fact collagen itself and elastin lessen production, and the results are fine lines, wrinkles, and weakened skin, or sagging skin. Hence, adding in human growth factors back to our cells brings this level back up to par and to the same level as when you were younger.




Are we actually pulling cells from humans and putting them in our skin care products? The answer is no. Most human growth factors (including those found in all MDPen skin care products) are manufactured in a laboratory or taken from human skin cells. It only takes a few human stem cells in the beginning to make human growth factors. These few cells are then replicated over and over again for use in skin care products. To be clear, these are only the proteins that are extracted — not the actual whole cell itself. Most skin care products contain a blend of organic and synthetic human growth factors, which research has found is the most effective for rejuvenating skin cells. Further studies will show if synthetic human growth factors or natural human growth factors are better.


Some dispute how such large molecules can penetrate the skin. However, the effects cannot be disputed. Human growth factors do stimulate collagen and elastin production in skin cells. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, some percentage of human growth factors are reaching their intended cell targets.


The whole point of adding human growth factors into these skin care products is to increase the rate of growth in cells, leading to thicker, firmer skin. Human growth factors and MDPen’s Moisture + Recovery Gel are just one key to maintaining your skin’s youthful look and care. Sunscreen, antioxidants, and retinols should be used in addition to human growth factors.



MDPen’s specially formulated Moisture + Recovery Gel Mask will aid in microneedling recovery and the overall anti-aging process. Active ingredients include Vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant to firm up the skin; Calendula, which combats free radicals that are a primary culprit in the aging process; aloe, which aids in the micro skin needling healing process and combats inflammation; and oat kernel, which fights eczema and provides moisture as well. Added hyaluronic acid will fade wrinkles and lines.


Growth factors should be applied to damp skin right after cleansing. This is when the pores are open and ready to absorb any skin care product. Use MD Pen’s Moisture + Recovery Gel for all-around skin protection from the elements of the environment and for a soothing feel after a microneedling device to the skin.


As you age, the more you’ll want to add collagen-building, skin-plumping moisturizers to your skin care routine.Building collagen to help with lines, evening tone, and decreasing roughness is MDPen’s mission. Human growth factors achieve this. Containing all natural, paraben-free ingredients to hydrate and restore the skin, slow the aging process, and leave you looking younger MDPen’s Moisture + Recovery Gel is essential to your skin care routine. Order online today!

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