How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Your Eyes

Most of us have woken in the morning to a hideous sight: dark circles under our eyes. Apart from hiding our head under a pillow all day, there are things we can do to alleviate the appearance of dark circles around your eyes. In this blog post by leading microneedling tools provider, MD Pen, we’ll offer up tips on how to get rid of those pesky dark circles around your eyes when they arise.


Dark circles around the eyes are usually an indication of lack of sleep. However, dark circles can be caused by the natural aging process.

As you age, your skin loses fat and collagen, a protein that gives your skin structure. Hollow eyes and puffy eyes are also from aging. Allergies, the sun, rubbing the eyes, and genetics such as thin skin, can also play a role in the appearance of dark circles.

Most people want to get rid of them for aesthetic reasons only because they feel dark circles make them look old, tired, unhealthy, or stressed. MicroNeedling is a procedure that causes the collagen content in your skin to rev up production as your body recognizes the micro channels created in your skin as injuries.


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All of us want to look our best, especially if we’re seeing loved ones we haven’t seen for a while, or going to a wedding or other special occasions like being honored for our years of service to a cause. Dark circles under the eyes can be irritating and put a damper on your looks.

MicroNeedling is an excellent procedure to help eliminate dark circles under the eyes. However, there are other things you can do to rid yourself of these dark circles. MD Pen recommends these tips for quick relief.

• Sleep

If your dark circles are caused from lack of sleep, more sleep will help.

• Correct sleep position

Puffy eyes are caused by fluid pooling in your eyes at night. Invest in a good pillow (or two) that raises your head just slightly, causing fluid to drain, not pool. A pillowcase will protect against allergens, another cause of dark circles under the eyes.

• Limit sun exposure

The sun causes 80% of premature signs of aging, including dark circles. Wear sunscreen always, and don’t forget to apply it carefully around your eyes.

• Moisturize

Restoring water to your skin cells is not only important for your skin overall, it also increases the volume of your skin cells, reducing the sunken look. Some skin care products also contain ingredients that naturally help reduce the appearance of dark circles, such as caffeine, vitamin E, and aloe vera.

• Tea bags

Speaking of caffeine, perhaps the most universally known cure for dark circles under the eyes is tea bags. The caffeine contains antioxidants to help remove the discoloration of your skin and restore its natural appearance.

• Retinol

Similar to micro needling albeit in a less powerful way, retinol stimulate collagen production, which thickens the skin.

• Lightening agents

Rubbing of the eyes and sun exposure can change the color of your skin, making it darker. These agents containing antioxidants can improve your skin color over time.

• Take particular care of the skin around your eyes

The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your body (this is another reason you see signs of aging here first — less fat to lose as you age). Be gentle when applying anything, be it moisturizer, sunscreen, or makeup. Always rub gently. And don’t forget to moisturize and put sunscreen around your eyes as well.

• Drink water

Counter-intuitive to the puffiness look, which is excess water around your eyes, more water in your body causes your body to horde less.

• Avoid alcohol

This goes hand-in-hand with drinking water. Alcohol dehydrates you — not what you want in skin care (and overall body care as well). This advice applies for all health concerns.

• Cucumbers

Another famous cure for dark circles under the eyes, cucumbers do indeed work. Full of powerful antioxidants along with anti-inflammatories reduces puffiness, promotes blood circulation, and lightens the skin.

• Eat foods high in vitamin C

We just discovered how powerful vitamin C can be a topical ointment. Consuming foods high in vitamin C has the same effect. It is also a great collagen booster.

• Avoid salt in your diet

Salt contains an ingredient that promotes water retention under the eyes.

• Apply something cold, such as cucumbers

This provides immediate relief as your blood vessels relax and don’t constrict.

• Try essential oils

Some essential oils work as well to relieve dark circles around the eyes. Look for essential oils to relieve dark circles under the eyes that contain rose geranium, fennel, lavender, German chamomile and rosemary.

• Take an antihistamine

If your dark circles are chronic and around a certain time of year, your dark circles under your eyes are probably caused by allergies.

• Preparation H

This is a last resort. If you have a special occasion you are going to and need to get rid of those dark circles, Preparation H will immediately cause your blood vessels to constrict.


If, however, you experience chronic dark circles under your eyes and can’t find a ready cause, micro-needling may be your treatment choice. Microneedling can help eliminate the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

MD Pen maintains a list of certified microneedling practitioners near you on our website. We also have a wealth of information on our news page about how micro needling can help you with other skin care conditions, including premature signs of aging, wrinkles, acne scars and other skin scars, and stretch marks. We produce our own proprietary line of skin care products as well that can help with the appearance of dark circles as well as ease the signs of aging in your skin.

If you’re a micro needling practitioner, we offer training on our microneedling pen as well and special workshops in order to offer microneedling in your practice. Visit us today!

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