Marketing with MDPen: Go Live on Instagram and Facebook

Live streaming is a very inexpensive way to reach a larger audience. It is also an innovative way for you to stand out from the competition because the one thing you have that they don’t is “YOU”.

Live streaming on Facebook and Instagram helps you engage your community in real-time. Allowing your fans and followers to ask questions and start conversations builds genuine connections while showcasing your expertise. They get to see your real personality which can sometimes be difficult to showcase in a traditional post or pre-recorded video.

People buy from people they like and feel comfortable with.

What to Live Stream?

Deciding what to live stream can be frustrating, so here are some topics you can talk about in as little as 15 minutes.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. Microneedling Tips
  3. Live Treatments
  4. Skincare Tips
  5. Meet Your Esthetician or Introduce Your Staff
  6. Interview with a Patient
  7. Show Off Your Office / Behind the Scenes
  8. Promote a New Service or Product

You can also create topics based on interactions you have had with patients or people on your social media feeds. Some of the things you discuss with them may also be on the minds of other people in your community.


Don’t use lack of equipment as an excuse to not go live. All you really need to get started is a phone, some good lighting (outdoors works fine), a topic, and confidence.

Live Steaming Confidence

A great way to build confidence is to practice. Practice, practice, practice. Harvard studies have shown that practicing your presentation at least one week in advance builds confidence and improves quality.

When practicing, it is important to record it. Recording your presentation allows you to review it to see where there are areas for improvement.

  • Are you making good eye contact with the camera?
  • What does your posture look like?
  • How is the lighting?
  • Is the volume loud enough?
  • What is the video quality?

Don’t wait for perfection because it will most likely never happen if you continue to postpone it. Everything gets better with time, the more live streams you do, the better they will become.

If your nerves or time seems to keep getting in the way, try going live with someone you feel comfortable with or delegating it to another team member on your staff.

Repurpose Content

After your live stream ends, you can save the video and use the recording in future campaigns, as a paid material, or for social media posts.

The Bottom Line

Live streaming is growing every day, don’t let your nerves keep you from taking advantage of this amazing marketing opportunity.

Did you find this article helpful? We would love to get your feedback and read some of the tips that have helped you grow your practice. Use the comment box below to get the conversation started.

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