Inspire Your Patients To: #LoveMySkin!


*“I feel like I have been in a lifelong battle with my skin.  I have tried so many things to improve my complexion, but I was just never taught how to take care of my skin.”  This is what Rhonda Frey Manuel told us when we talked to her about her journey to improving her skin.  “I’ve tried so many things over the years… over the counter stuff that never worked; I even tried ProActiv which worked for a while, but like so many things, it stopped working eventually,” she explained.

In April of 2015, Rhonda stated receiving skin treatments from Denise McDaniel, Licensed Aesthetician at Metamorphix* in Eunice, LA. Part of the treatment plan that Denise created includes a series of MDPen Micro Needling treatments which create a pattern of micro channels in the skin, significantly increasing the production of collage and elastin, and leading to smoother, firmer and tighter skin. When asked about her experience with micro needling, Rhonda told us, “The treatments aren’t too [uncomfortable].  I might have felt a little tender in some places but Denise just adjusts the treatments each time based on how it feels to me.”

Rhonda has had 4 of the treatments in her series, and she can certainly see a difference.   “After the first treatment, I was amazed at  the way my skin felt,” she said. ” I could already see improvements.“   We asked if anyone else noticed the change, and Rhonda replied, “My husband works out of state so when he saw me after the second treatment, he was amazed too!”

The skin improvements have had a real impact on her life.  “My skin looks 80% to 90% better than it has through the years, “ remarked Rhonda. “I even wear my makeup differently now than a year ago.  Instead of tying to hide behind caked-on liquid foundation, I can wear a light layer of makeup with my powder and actually look better!”

To complete Rhonda’s treatment plan, Denise* also has her using an at-home needle roller and skin care products containing copper peptides.  Rhonda reflected on the money she has spent over the years on all the products she tried to improve her skin, but she is glad she didn’t give up before she found MDPen.  “Its been worth the investment, and I am so happy with my results. Now I feel I have more control over my skin care.” 

Bottom line: It’s never too late to have your patients saying, “I #LoveMySkin!”. MDPen Micro Needling  treatments can be applied to all skin types, and provide results that can really make a difference!

​*Our thanks to Denise McDaniel at Metamophix in Eunice, LA for participating in our story.  Contact Denise at http://metamorphix.org/contact-us/ or at (337) 360-1169.

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