Increase Sales and Engagement with Social Media

The Value of Your Followers

Creating customer connections via social media will directly increase sales and engagement – even beyond the checkout process. In 2020, getting your customer to buy is not enough to drive growth. You need them to share about what they bought, post pictures with a glowing comment and tag you in the post!  This is why it is critical that you have a plan to not just grow your followers, but to get more of your actual customers to follow you.

Build Trust Through Engagement

One way for shoppers to quickly discover a brand’s reputation is to look at their social media accounts. A company with 3000 followers seems instantly more trustworthy than a brand with 20 followers. A bustling social media account shows activity, engagement, and responsiveness thereby growing trust, which translates to comfort in spending money. Even better if there are comments from people who are current, happy customers.

Garner Product & Service Feedback

Receiving customer feedback via e-mail surveys or social media comments helps your team adapt to the needs of your consumers. Even negative feedback can help to outline where changes need to be implemented. Fixing these “negatives” will, in turn, build TRUST by showing your customers that their voice matters.

Create Hype

Engage with your customers, deliver content that they want to share, and you will potentially create hype.  The more “hype” (or excited attention) your brand receives, the more people will want to experience and share your business.  Collaborating with popular social media influencers,  partnering with other brands, and sharing content featuring your customers are a few ways to add legitimacy and begin building excitement around your brand.

Increase Sales and Engagement

Your customer connections will increase sales and engagement by directly driving your audience to your products. Each person that chooses to follow you will be kept in the loop about your latest sale, newest service, or most significant achievement. Follower-exclusive incentives (such as a discount code for e-mail subscribers only) will give your followers a unique experience that can encourage more sales.

Ready To Grow Your Followers?

Discover five ways to create customer connections by watching this video highlighting how our team at MDPen MicroNeedling engages with our client base.

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