How to Care for Your Skin While Travelling

Forty percent of Americans are expected to travel during the holiday season. Between packing your bags, arranging for pet care, and remembering to lock the front door on your way out, odds are, you have probably forgotten to pack something. This something may be your favorite skin care items. Or, because of travel restrictions, you can’t bring your favorite skin care products with you. If you’re visiting another part of the country or the world, your skin is going to take a major blow to the sudden change. MDPen, a leader in micro needling training courses, offers tips for skin care while you’re travelling.


  • Order travel sizes of all your skin care products if available. Changing skin care products abruptly, especially if you’re changing all of them and if you’re downgrading to what the local convenience store sells, you’re skin may suffer a break out as your skin’s acid balance is thrown out of whack. Pack these little nuggets ahead of time (as soon as you get them), so you don’t forget them. If you can’t find travel sizes of your favorite skin care products, try to order some that are as close as possible to what you normally use.
  • Moisturize. Travel stresses you out and your skin. Extra moisturizer during this time, especially if you’re flying, is a good idea since your skin will be extra-dehydrated due to cabin pressure and tight quarters. Drink plenty of water the day beforehand as well as moisturize your skin more frequently a few days ahead of time as well.
  • Avoid makeup the day of travel. Make up can dry out your skin as well. If you’re in the car where no one is going to see you all day or running around airports to catch flights, odds are, no one will care what you look like. You can then apply light make up before you see your loved ones upon arrival.
  • If you’re going from cold to warm, your skin will be prone to sweat more. Pack extra cleanser and make sure you don’t skip your nightly skin care routine, no matter how late you arrive that night. If sweat is too much, gently pat it dry to avoid irritating your skin even further.
  • Be cognizant of germs. Travelling exposes you to more germs as likely you’ll be exposed to more people. Try not to touch your face, especially if you’re battling an acne breakout or some other skin condition such as eczema. This will decrease the likelihood a bacteria will exacerbate the problem.
  • Pack extra hand cream. Your hands, being exposed to the elements more than any other body part, as well as being exposed to water more often since you’ll be washing your hands more most likely, will need to be extra moisturized during your travels.
  • Pack sunscreen. If you’re going from a cold climate to a hot climate, you may not think to pack sunscreen, having gone months with little worry about the sun, which most likely has been vanquished by the long nights anyways. The sun does the most damage to our skin and causes the most signs of aging. Use sunscreen anytime you will be outdoors. Furthermore, if you are flying, you will be exposed to more radiation from the higher altitude. If you have a window seat, your skin will be overexposed as well. Apply sunscreen before you fly, use a serum when you land, and eat foods high in antioxidants to fend off the free radical exposure.
  • Invest in high-quality face wipes. If you’ve either forgotten your skin care cleanser or you are too busy to find your packed skin cream, face wipes can work just as well to rid your skin of possible pollutants, dirt, and grime from your travels. These can be specific makeup remover towelettes or more general. Plus, these will save you from having to use the unmarked, hotel-provided skin care products.
  • Lip balm. Your lips will probably suffer almost as much as your hands during travel. Invest in beeswax-based lip balm to lock in moisture content.
  • Pare down your skin care routine. The important thing is to something, not nothing, in-between visiting family and friends on your travels. If you do nothing else, moisturize and cleanse. Toners, for example, can be left at home. You probably won’t have time for these anyways.

MDPen recommends adjusting your skin care routine for your destination if there is a drastic change in temperature. If you’re headed to the beach at a lower altitude, cleansers will be important since you’ll be sweating more and exposed to humidity. If you’re heading to the cold and a higher altitude, moisturizing will be key to keep your skin in tip-top shape. MDPen offers top-notch proprietary skin care products in small sizes perfect for travel. From serums, cleansers, and moisturizers, our skin care products are all-natural, paraben-free, all-organic and never tested on animals.


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