How long do treatments take and How many will I need?

Photo courtesy @MicroMeMiami

Everyone’s microneedling experience differs, as your practitioner will work with you to create a treatment tailored to your specific needs. However, there are some general guidelines we can give you to help you estimate how much time to set aside for your treatments.

How long is a microneedling treatment?

Treatments can vary from 20-60 minutes depending on the size of the area and type of skin that is being treated. For example, a face treatment typically takes 20-30 minutes. Larger areas like the décolletage or abdomen will take closer to 45 minutes.  Additionally, there is a numbing cream that is applied 30 minutes before the treatment begins, that will add to the total time of the session as well.

How many treatments will I need?

The amount of treatments needed can differ greatly depending on the type of results you desire and the condition that your skin is in before you begin. Although results begin after the first treatment, it is generally recommended to have between 4 – 6 to achieve a more complete result. For patients with more severe problem skin, the number of treatments required generally ranges from 5-8. For your reference, we have placed some before and after photos below, along with the amount of treatments needed to achieve those results.

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