Having Fun After Your Cosmetic Procedure: Tips and Ideas to Enjoy Your New Look

After a cosmetic procedure such as microneedling or even cosmetic surgery such as a facelift, you follow the aftercare instructions to the letter and, finally, the wait is over — and you look amazing. You want to show off your new look. MDPen, a leading supplier of microneedling pens, supports physicians who offer microneedling procedures as well as aestheticians, nurses, and day spa owners and managers. We understand how cosmetic procedures may not be fun at the time; however, the results are worth the hassle. Below are our tips and ideas to show off your new look after a skin care procedure such as microneedling.


  • Trip to the salon. A new do is the perfect compliment to showing off your new look. Hairstyles that make you look younger such as a lob or a bob are perfect to accentuate your new, youthful look. You’ll want to stick to medium length of hair — not too long and not too short. Add some layers for a fuller look. Also, consider a highlight with warm tones to set off your healthy glow. If you’re into trends, bangs that hit at the top of your eyes can help to take even more years off your appearance. However, if you opt for longer bangs, the variety is more as you can sweep them to the side and style them to change up your look.
  • Go out with friends or on a date. An active social life not only is fun when you go out, explore, and do new things, but it is also good for your health and self-esteem when you connect with people. Spending time with a night on the town after your cosmetic procedure will make you feel years younger to match your new, rejuvenated look.
  • Apply for a new job. Despite the fact we are not to judge people by their looks, it’s human nature to do so, and, in fact, appearance is the first thing we notice about people we meet. Studies show people who are more physically attractive and emotionally confident are more likely to be successful at work than those who are not. A recent cosmetic procedure could boost your career as much as your looks.
  • Go shopping. With a new physical look, you’ll need new clothes to go with it. Even if you don’t like shopping, celebrating with a shopping spree is well warranted. Depending on what you had done, you’ll want to tailor your shopping to that. If you’ve had a facial procedure, you’ll want to focus on new dresses or tops with vibrant colors to draw attention to your face. If you’ve had body contouring of some type, you’ll want to focus on clothes that show off your new figure. Take some friends and make a day of it.
  • Try something new. Is there a hobby you’ve always wanted to try? Perhaps you’ve been putting off trying a dance class, an art class, a new gym that just opened, or even something exhilarating like skydiving. Most people find there’s nothing better to make them feel alive than doing something new. This can even be as easy as learning to cartwheel or adopting a cat (who will adore you no matter what you look like).
  • Go someplace new. The novelty of newness gives us a thrill and a hesitation that gets our blood flowing. If you’ve always wanted to go the beach, go. If there’s a new restaurant in town, invite a friend. If there’s a nearby water park or amusement park, go and have fun. Or go all out and take that trip to Paris you’ve always wanted to do. Enjoy your new look by exploring the world around you.
  • Explore nature. Perhaps before your cosmetic procedure, you didn’t get out much. Now is your chance to put yourself out there. Visit National Parks, go for a walk around your local lake, or take a hike you’ve been planning for a while now. Try a new outdoor sport such as skiing or snowboarding, motorcycle riding, four-wheeling either in a Jeep or an ATV, or cycling. When you connect with nature, you’ll feel more alive. Feeling alive will only add to how amazing you feel after your cosmetic procedure.

MDPen recognizes the reasons most people have cosmetic procedures: to look good and to feel better about themselves. We recognize the value in celebrating your new look as your self-confidence grows and you begin to step more outside your comfort zone. MDPen believes microneedling is the answer for many who are looking to age gracefully. Through stimulating your skin to produce collagen, your body’s natural healing protein, you in effect reverse the aging process as wrinkles and lines diminish and your face is fuller.


MDPen is a full-service microneedling provider to practitioners such as physicians, nurses, aestheticians, and spa owners and managers. We offer a proprietary skin care line specific to the aftercare of a microneedling procedure. Our products are excellent at any time and can be added to any skin care regimen as they are packed full of anti-aging ingredients and are all-natural and not tested on animals. We offer certification courses in our microneedling pens, which are available online for you and members of your staff. Once certified, you can join our growing microneedling practitioner network, which offers product and practitioner support. In addition, we offer all products associated with microneedling such as microneedling pens, needles, and pamphlets.

microneedling allows you to glow — both inside and out. Visit MDPen online to find a microneedling practitioner near you today!

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