Marketing with MDPen: Finding PR Opportunities for Your Practice

PR Opportunities

Grow Your Practice with PR Opportunities

Public Relations (PR) focuses on the ways organizations or individuals promote themselves, build a positive reputation, and develop their public image. It’s often about positioning yourself as an expert, representing your organization positively, communicating key messages, and building a brand.

PR opportunities can definitely impact sales, marketing, and customer perception of your brand. You may have also heard bloggers, vloggers, and influencers refer to “PR” when they talk about receiving gifted products or services from brands—this is all part of a wider PR strategy that focuses on getting positive coverage with an ultimate sales goal.

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How to Find PR Opportunities for Your Practice

First of all, think about your target audience and where they’re most likely to see your PR activities. Think about your business goals, too, as building your authority as an expert can lead to further opportunities.

Here are some places to look for PR opportunities to promote your practice and represent your brand positively:

1. Approach local reporters, publications, or news channels.

This is rewarding especially if you have something newsworthy or of interest to local residents going on. Invite them into your practice. Maybe you’re hosting a competition, you just hit a professional milestone, or your business won an award. Always think about the news angle and why people outside of your business would care.

MDPen has been featured in the 2018 Fall/Winter issue of New Beauty Magazine. Interested? Read more. 

You can also watch the video clip that features the most popular procedure here


2. Guest speaking or contributing opportunities.

Positioning yourself as an expert or an authority in your field can put you and your business in serious demand. Look out for opportunities to give your opinion or advice on the topics you know best. Whether this is appearing on a podcast, giving a comment for an article or publication, or appearing at a conference, you can really raise your profile through your expertise. Check out the #journorequest or #prrequest on Twitter to find journalists or writers looking for experts in their field to comment on an article or written piece.

Here is a video clip from one of our MDPen educators, Dr. Damian Gordon, sharing his tips on how to stand out as a provider.


3. Host charity, fundraising, or sponsorship events.

Not only does this allow you to give something back, but it also acts as a great opportunity to generate press coverage, social media content, and news. The more unusual, newsworthy or compelling your event is, the better it ranks for getting coverage. All of these contribute to the positive PR of your brand.

It’s  important to let your confidence, knowledge, and expertise shine through. Don’t be afraid to have a little fun with it and provide some entertainment as sometimes, that can be key to getting the coverage you deserve!

How to Measure the Impact of PR

PR can be trickier to measure than things like social media and website inquiries, as it isn’t as direct or as much of an exact science. However, there are some ways that you can try and keep track of the impact of your activities, such as:

  • A discount code or offer to mention that people would only know about from our PR.
  • Ask your customers where they heard about you (this is a good idea anyway, so you can work out what methods work best for your business).
  • Keep an eye on booking numbers, social media followers, and mentions following press coverage.

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