Giving and Self Esteem: What’s the Connection?

We all want to feel good about ourselves. We want to know that what we’re doing is making a difference in people’s lives. This can be the new mom who stays home to take care of her baby, the personal injury lawyer who settles a case for his client who got hit by a car, or the garbage collector who is doing his customers a huge favor by hauling trash to the dump (which not only keeps the neighborhood clean but is a huge sanitation security precaution as anyone who has studied the Middle Ages can attest to).

This “feel good” feeling is more commonly known as self-esteem. According to Webster’s Online Dictionary, self-esteem is “a confidence and satisfaction in oneself; self-respect.”

The holiday season is a joyous time for many. It’s a time to celebrate the year past, welcome a new year coming, and remember our blessings. However, it can also be a sad time of year for many. Feeling lonely and depressed, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) affects many, especially as we’re bombarded with images of happiness. Many are dealing with trauma, stress, or loss during the holiday season. Memories, a gift and a curse to humans, overwhelm some as traumatic events that occurred during the season are omnipresent. Since relationships are the key to our feelings, how we feel about ourselves is impacted as well.

MDPen, a provider of professional microneedling pens to practitioners, understands how the holidays are a time of joy and sadness for many. Something everyone can do to improve their self-esteem is give back to others.




The human mind is complicated, and 100 percent of its capabilities are still unknown. What we do know is childhood, society, media, and those around us have the biggest impact on our self-esteem. Events that are positive don’t have a lasting impact on us. The happy feeling is only temporary. This includes travel, getting accepted to your dream college, getting a piece of good news, getting a good grade in school, someone giving you a compliment, winning a race, and more.

Giving to others creates a different bump in self-esteem — one that lasts a lot longer on average. Why is that? Because you’ve made an impact in relationships. And the relationships you have with others are longer lasting than events. The other person whom you’ve given to probably is grateful, and that gratitude continues as warm feelings and actions to you. This is known as reciprocity, which is the attitude that when you give to others, that other person feels like he or she could give to you in return.

But there’s more than just grateful recipients. When you give, you step outside of yourself, your world, and your wants. One of the main reasons of low self-esteem is because we are so focused on ourselves that we disappoint ourselves when we fall short. A pity party can ensue and your ego steps in and lowers your mindset.

Making a difference in others lives’ gives our life meaning. It makes a difference in our lives. We want to help others, but when we are too busy taking selfies, gathering thousands of friends on Facebook, and binge-watching our favorite TV shows, we miss out on what’s happening around us — and who is happening around us.

When asked the question by prospective employers, “Why do you want this job?”, one of the most common answers is, “to make a difference in people’s lives.” But do you? This is what leads to job dissatisfaction and employee turnover.

Making a difference in others’ lives is fundamental to our self-esteem. People who are ego-focused will never feel good about themselves except in temporal moments of time.




MDPen urges giving during the holiday season. Those who are less fortunate are many and giving back will boost your self-esteem while making a difference in others’ lives. Pick your favorite charity, donate your time to shop for needy kids who need Christmas gifts under the tree on Christmas Day, or help a colleague by scraping his or her windshield for them before they leave work.

Giving can be small things. As Vincent Van Gogh said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

Your giving can be big in the eyes of the receiver. And in your heart and mind, your self-esteem just got a boost as well.

MDPen believes in supporting microneedling practitioners, nurses, physicians, and aestheticians in their mission to help people feel good about themselves by improving their physical appearance. microneedling is a noninvasive, skin care procedure that improves the signs of aging, acne scars, stretch marks, and skin discolorations.

How we look on the outside impacts our self-esteem. This is something microneedling practitioners can help with.

How we feel on the inside impacts our self-esteem. This is something we are completely in control of — and giving is key. Visit MDPen today for all of your microneedling pen needs!

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