Finding the Middle Ground in Skin Care

Recently, there has been some push back in the news with regards to skin care. Some are saying we are doing too much in our skin care routine and that the sheer number of products out there that people use (and their cost) is a testament to how overblown the skin care industry is. Some are saying it’s all about the money — not about whether these skin care products, such as serums, retinols, non invasive skin care procedures, and surgical skin care procedures, actually help you or not.

MDPen is a leader in micro needling. Our specialty is supplying microneedling practitioners with micro needling pens, BTL cream, patient brochures, skin care products for microneedling before and after use, and providing training courses in microneedling. In this blog post, we’ll discuss whether your skin care routine is helping you or not. Contact us today!


The premise of the argument that we are doing way too much in terms of skin care lies fundamentally on the fact that people are seeking perfect skin, which has never existed and will never exist. Hence, in this quest for “perfect skin,” which we will never attain, people are being brainwashed into thinking all of these skin care products will help them attain the unattainable. In fact, people are wasting their money and time on skin care, and buying into social media, Instagram, and the latest trend Kim Kardashian is embracing is only, in fact, making you depressed because you are not achieving perfect skin.

Another argument used in this debate for the overblown use of skin care products is that people are only buying expensive serums, retinols, peptides, and investing in Botox, chemical peels, and micro needling so that they can prove to others that they aren’t slackers, and they do care about their appearance.

For thousands of years, humans have not invested in skin care whatsoever. Skin, like any other organ in the body such as your heart and liver, should be treated the same: naturally with the foods we eat, instead of with chemicals and procedures that alter our skin. They point to the ingredients in skin care products as “proof” we don’t need them. Known as “actives” — products like retinols, chemical exfoliants, and alpha and beta hydroxy acids — these actually harm the skin rather than improve the skin. People are actually burning their skin, rather than healing their skin.

Another argument made is “why bother?” Why bother with skin care when you will show signs of age no matter what. We can’t turn the clock on Mother Nature’s ways. Furthermore, with all the hazards of the environment, such as free radicals, compromised water supplies, questionable weather, and stress, there’s nothing you can do to turn back the hands of time.


  • Misuse. More is not better in the case of skin care. Skin care is a process that takes time to see results, Americans overall are a results-driven, impatient society. Hence, if something doesn’t change in a day or two, some people immediately try something else. This results in perhaps trying new combinations of skin are products that may be overlapping complementing, or altogether opposing each other. This can lead to disastrous results.
  • Ponder your why. Why you want perfect skin? Are you trying to look like a certain celebrity? Are you wanting good skin for yourself or to impress others? Are you aiming for results, or do you only care about the process?
  • Standard of success. Do you consider your skin care routine a failure if a blemish pops up or if your skin is not glowing after a certain skin care procedure? Some people put too much credence in their skin care routine, expecting miracles, when skin care if about maintaining and improving, not getting miraculous results. Set your expectation lower if you find yourself in such a position.
  • Something is better than nothing. Working out 20 minutes a day is better than nothing at all. So goes it with skin care. Sure, skin suffers from being exposed to the environment, which our internal organs do not suffer from. Sure, our skin will naturally age, as our bodies were designed to do. However, that doesn’t mean we do nothing. A skin care routine does keep your skin healthier than it would be if you did nothing. Performing a non invasive cosmetic procedure on your skin, such as micro needling, to kick start your body’s natural collagen production will help to diminish wrinkles and improve acne scars; whereas, doing nothing will yield nothing.

The question becomes: do you want to stay the same or do you want to improve your overall skin condition and skin health? We take care of our heart by exercising and eating right. We take care of our liver by not putting in an overabundance of drugs and alcohol. We take care of our bones and muscles by performing resistance exercises to make them work more efficiently and make them stronger for longevity purposes. We take care of our lungs by not smoking, or inhaling other substances that can damage lung tissue. We even take care of our pancreas by eating foods in the right combination, so it doesn’t have to overwork.



The same is true of skin. We take care of it by giving it the moisture it needs to be healthy, by putting on sunscreen to protect it from the harmful UV rays of the sun, and by keeping it clean. Otherwise, your skin will age prematurely, it will be dry and flaky, and you’ll be more prone to outbreaks due to dirt and grime.

Similar to our recent article entitled, Skin Care as Self-Care, taking care of your skin is what makes you feel good about yourself. The softness of your skin, the enhanced texture, and the radiance of your skin are all signs of healthy skin, which is what we all want.


MDPen believes in taking care of your skin. We believe so passionately in skin care that we’ve created our own proprietary skin care line to do just that. We don’t believe in using harsh chemicals on the skin — that’s why all of our skin care products are all-natural and organic, free of parabens, petrochemicals, and SLS/SLEs. We’ve balanced out the ingredients in our products to be easy on your skin while delivering maximum results.

Our other venue of skin care is micro needling, another skin care procedure that we believe passionately in. Again, it uses your body’s natural healing process, with no harsh chemicals or artificials injected into your skin. What is micro needling? Micro needling is a non invasive cosmetic procedure that uses tiny pinpricks in the skin through the use of a needle to simulate an injury. Your body responds by beefing up its production of collagen (something it used to do a lot of when you were under 20 years old), which is the protein in your skin that is responsible for not only healing wounds, but also repairing and strengthening the skin. This strengthening of the skin is what results in a tightness, which diminishes the sags in your skin, the wrinkles, and the dips and divots that are the result of aging.

Micro needling is a form of skin care that helps your skin stay youthful longer. During MDPen micro needling treatments, the pinpricks leave behind thousands of micro channels in the treatment area, allowing for maximum absorption of topical serums. It is this window, in the 48 hours following a micro needling procedure, where the application of our pure, high-quality skin care products will have the most powerful effect. While designed to use with microneedling before and aftercare, MDPen’s skin care products can be used as part of your daily skin care regimen. Visit our shop page to order your skin care products today!


At the end of the day, it’s your body and your skin; you can do whatever you want or choose to not do anything. There will always be those who do things for appearances no matter the products or industry or who jumps on the bandwagon as each new topical cream comes out or new non invasive cosmetic procedure crops up. Do your research and your due diligence and then try these skin care procedures for yourself. How do they make you feel? How do they make you look? Are you happy with them?

The good thing is none of these last forever (even full facelifts only last up to 15 years, depending on your lifestyle and a variety of other factors over those years), so if you don’t like the results, it’ll wear off, and you’ll never have to do that procedure again.

MDPen is a proponent of doing something over nothing. Because of the environment, water exposure, and sun exposure, our skin takes a beating every day. Nourishing it by keeping it clean, aiding it with moisture, and even have a procedure such as micro needling performed as part of your skin care regimen, can keep your skin more youthful longer and able to do all of its amazing jobs (protect our organs, defend against bacteria and viruses, and regulate body temperature) well. If you are interested in micro needling, our News page offers a wealth of information on both skin care and micro needling. Our Facebook page features videos of both patients before and after micro needling as well as videos of the procedure being performed. Our website lists MDPen micro needling practitioners near you. Contact us today!

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