Facebook Marketing Basics for MicroNeedling Professionals

Facebook Marketing for Microneedling professionals

According to a study done by Pew Research Center, seven in ten U.S. adults use Facebook. That is 69% of all Americans! Outside of YouTube, no other social platform comes close to Facebook’s usage.

From the total number of adult users, 74% visit Facebook at least once per day, but they are probably not seeing your content because the organic reach of Facebook is only 6.4% of a page’s likes.

Leverage your practice’s presence on Facebook with these tips to improve your paid advertising efforts.


Microneedling is a competitive industry and sometimes online marketing can be very congested with bigger practices throwing large dollars towards advertising. The best tip for combatting this is segmentation. This is one of the most overlooked, yet effective Facebook strategies. Know your audience and learn how they search online. Segmenting will not only reduce your cost-per-click, but it will also put you in front of a more targeted audience.

Facebook allows you to segment by demographics, age, user type, interests, connections, and behavior. So, you can set the rules for where your ad is delivered while having more control over how your advertising dollars are spent.

Detailed Targeting Expansion

The targeting expansion is designed to help you improve your campaign performance. When this option is selected, it allows Facebook to take a portion of your overall budget and split it between your selected audience and a closely related but broader audience recommended by Facebook. As the campaign runs, Facebook will shift the budget to the audience that is getting better results at a lower cost.

Here is how to activate this feature:

  1. From the Ads manager, you will need to either create or open your ad set
  2. Navigate to the audience selection
  3. Under Detail Targeting, either select edit or find the Detailed Targeting subsection
  4. Check the Detailed Targeting Expansion box to turn it on

Use Different Ad Types

Using different ad types like images, animated gifs, carousels, and videos is a solid strategy. Different people have different triggers that make them engage. Facebook knows their users and they do a good job giving them what they want. For example, if a user has a track record of reacting to animated gifs, that is what Facebook will put in front of them. That user may never see your video because that person does not have a history of watching videos on Facebook.

You can test this by duplicating one of your ads and changing the focal piece which means that you will have a few different ads with the same or similar text, but one will be video, one an animated gif, one a video, etc.

Facebook Story Ads

Facebook feeds are congested, and prices are constantly rising to get that coveted space. The story ads are a hidden gem. Half a billion people are interacting with Facebook stories every day, yet many advertisers are not taking advantage of this opportunity.

It works just like Instagram stories. Facebook stories do not have a traditional call-to-action button, but if viewers swipe up on your story, you can send them to your offer page.

Do not over-edit when trying to generate leads using stories. Studies show videos that look like they were shot with a selfie stick get 63% more conversions.

Keep it simple and casual while clearly stating your offer, communicate the key benefit and toss in a few verbal calls-to-actions (do not forget to tell them to swipe up to access your offer).

The call-to-actions in your story ad need to be used throughout the message, if you wait until the end viewers may not have a chance to act before the ad is gone.

Wrapping Up

Facebook ads are a great way to convert and drive new microneedling patients to your practice. If you have had success with any of the tips mentioned, we would love to hear from you in the comment box below or connect with us on Facebook.

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