Barbados, Its Time to #LoveYourSkin!

Saadiya MDPen Micro Needling After 1 treatment

MDPen Micro Needling is now available from Saadiya Nakhuda at Lotus Touch Beauty (@LotusTouchBeauty) in Barbados! Saadiya spends her days making people more beautiful, in beautiful Barbados. She is a Skin Care Specialist who works not only as an Aesthetician, but also as a Model. She is now expanding her skin offerings by choosing MDPen.

​While discussing why she chose MDPen, Saadiya said, “I did quite a bit of research into devices, and sent out several email inquiries. The team at MDPen was responsive and informative and it made a big difference to me. Also, I like that MDPen is made of stainless steel not plastic, and it allows for deeper treatment penetration.  At Lotus Touch Beauty, we offer a variety of chemical peels, facials and other skin care services so I was also impressed by the follow-up skin care products that MDPen offers.”

Promoting #IslandBeauty

Tanning for Competitions and Festival

Barbados has a rich cultural history, and Saadiya often provides tanning services to clients who are participating in the annual carnival- like celebration, The Crop Over Festival. She also provides competition tans to Fitness Physique and Bodybuilding professionals who are either competing at home or representing Barbados abroad.

Saadiya explains, “In Barbados, I have clients with a variety of skin types and Fitz-Patrick numbers. Those who are higher on the Fitz-Patrick scale tend to me more concerned with hyper-pigmentation, and correcting acne-scars and cosmetic-scars. Those who are lower on the scale often are concerned with wrinkles, sun damage, and laxity. I can help to address many of these concerns for my clients by offering them micro needling treatments.”

Experience the #MDPen Glow

​Recently, Saadiya attended an Advanced Micro Needling Workshop offered at Total Body Contouring’s headquarters in Atlanta, GA. During the workshop, Saadiya had the opportunity to learn new techniques and to also receive her own MDPen treatment. Watch a video of Saadiya’s treatment below:

Saadiya MDPen Micro Needling After one treatment

Saadiya told us, “I could see a difference after my first treatment. I am very happy with my results, especially under my eyes, which was a big concern area for me”, Saadiya explained. “Overall I feel my skin is more elastic, smoother and younger.”

“At Lotus Beauty Touch, we seek to help people feel beautiful from the inside out. I want to help people deal with the huge psychological impact that comes from dealing with skin issues… I also want to offer treatments on other areas of the body… And, now I can do that with micro needling treatments.”

Bottom Line: Lotus Beauty Touch seeks to help people feel beautiful from the inside out. We are happy that Saadiya is able to help others through micro needling. If you would like to contact Saadiya you can reach her on Facebook and Instagram.


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