Are you Red Carpet Ready? The 2016 Oscars Swag Bag & microneedling


Only a handful of nominees will win an Oscar but they will all go home winners with swag bags that are worth $200,000!  According to the Daily Beast  these bags will contain “fabulous, fun and functional items,” such as a 10-day trip to Israel and also the hottest item this year – the “
Vampire®️ Breastlift.   You may have heard of the Vampire Facelift or the Breastlift,  but one of the best-kept secret in Hollywood is the Vampire Facial.  The Vampire Facial was created by Dr. Charles Runels who made it popular by performing the procedure on Kim Kardashian.  The MDPen is the micro needling pen of choice for Dr. Runels and other leading physicians.

In the Vampire®️ Facial, the patient’s blood is used to produce platelet rich plasma otherwise known as PRP.  The PRP is applied to the face during micro needling.  The MDPen rapidly creates a pattern of micro channels in the treatment area and the natural components of PRP aids in increased collagen production, leaving the skin smoother and fresher.  The Vampire Facial treatment allows the skin to tighten, minimizing pores and stimulating a youthful glow!

At the 2013 Oscars, stars took home swag bags featuring the Vampire Facelift – this procedure is not just a hot trend, it has been around for years.  The same technique of administering PRP is used with the Vampire Breastlift and Facelift procedures, except the PRP is injected similar to Botox or other fillers.  Stars like Jennifer Lawrence will be receiving Vampire treatments in their swag bags, so your patients should as well!


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Bottom Line:  The innovator of Vampire Facials uses the MDPen to perform the procedure and so should you!  Stars are not the only ones who deserve star treatment; everyone deserves award-winning skin.  What events are your patients planning to be #RedCarpetReady for?
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