The Latest Innovation In MicroNeedling.

MDPen represents the latest innovation in fractional micro needling. Skin treatments with MDPen micro needling can result in skin that is more lifted and tightened, thereby giving a smoother, more youthful appearance.

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Why Choose MDPen?

Benefitting both providers & patients – here are the top reasons why you should consider working with MDPen:

Safe Treatment

MDPen is a safe and effective anti-aging tool.


MDPen skincare serums specifically designed to boost results.

No Trauma

MDPen delivers a non-ablative treatment. No trauma to the skin.


Our company delivers first class customer support.

Cordless or Electric

Cordless, electric or dual – choose the MDPen option right for you.

Practice Marketing

With MDPen your practice marketing is easy.

Needle Options

MDPen is durable and dependable with two unique needle options.


Want to get certified? We provide practitioner training.

Dual Cordless MDPen
Product Information

DUAL Cordless/Electric MDPen

The DUAL MDPen gives you the option to use the MDPen with or without the electric cord. Our DUAL micro dermal skin needling pens operate at up to 11,000 RPM, have lithium ion batteries, an electric power supply and offer 4-hours of treatment usage for a 45-minute charge.

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Product Information

Electric MDPen

The electric version of the MDPen micro skin needling offers a powerful motor and up to 17,500 RPM, resulting in greater ease of treatment and increased comfort for the patient.

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Electric Pen
MDPen Needle Options
Product Information

Offering Two Unique Needle Options

All MDPens come with 32-gauge stainless steel skin needles in a sterile needlehead offering a controlled depth of injury from 0.25 mm – 2.75 mm for a range of treatment protocols. We offer two needlehead options to help with customizing each treatment to the needs of your patient.

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Skincare Products

Professional Skincare Formulations from MDPen MicroNeedling

Boost your MDPen MicroNeedling results with our line of serums specifically designed for us by our rock star Chemist! Our professional skincare products feature vegan formulations containing organic ingredients that are paraben, petrochemical and SLS/SLE free, and are never tested on animals.

Learn more on our sister site www.mdpenserums.com specifically dedicated to Professional Skincare Formulations from MDPen.

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