5 Reasons Your Skin Needs Growth Factors

Growth Factors are key to your skin

5 Reasons Your Skin Needs Growth Factors.

What Are Growth Factors?

Growth factors are tiny proteins that are naturally produced by skin cells. They’re made from 53 different amino acids to stimulate cell growth. There are dozens of different growth factors that occur naturally in the skin to help with firmness, elasticity, and protection.

As we age, our bodies produce fewer of these proteins naturally, which can lead to a reduction in this firmness and elasticity. This loss contributes to signs of aging such as sagging skin and dullness.

How Can You Restore Growth Factors to Your Skin?

Using an effective, specially formulated growth factor product is a way to restore these much-needed proteins back into your skin.

Our Human-Derived Growth Factor Gel contains Epidermal Growth Factors to promote skin health and increase collagen. It’s a nutrient-rich gel that’s been formulated to reduce moisture loss after treatment as well as hydrating, nourishing, and calming the skin.

In addition to growth factors, the product also contains hyaluronic acid for moisturization, elasticity, and wrinkle reduction; calendula and chamomile extracts to condition and soothe, and snow mushroom extract for hydration.

It’s an extremely versatile product that can be used as part of your microneedling treatment or at home as an overnight moisturizer without any additional treatment.

Benefits of Human Growth Factors in Skincare

Whether you’re having a microneedling treatment or you’re looking to give your skin a boost through your skincare routine, Human Growth Factors have a huge range of benefits for your skin’s health and appearance.

Here are five reasons your skin needs growth factors to thrive, particularly alongside any other aesthetics treatments that you might be undergoing:

  • Promotes Healing – particularly effective following treatments like IPD, microneedling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, or laser, Human Growth Factors can help to promote the skin’s healing and recovery.
  • Supports the Extracellular Matrix – this matrix includes almost every part of your skin, such as collagen, enzymes, glycoproteins, and hydroxyapatite. These provide structural support to surrounding cells.
  • Increases Collagen – Human Growth Factors can help your body to increase its collagen production naturally. Collagen is essential for the skin’s appearance, firmness, and regeneration. We lose collagen as we age, so replacing this could be the key to reducing signs of aging and showcasing younger-looking skin.
  • Encourages Smooth Muscle Contractions – smooth muscle contractions are a type of muscular contraction that takes place within the body’s internal structures. This includes the blood vessels in your skin, which are essential for optimum skin health.
  • Provides Fibronectin for Cell Adhesion – fibronectin has been shown to play a part in cell regeneration, wound repair, and healthy skin.

Adding Growth Factors into Your Skincare Routine

Adding a growth factor product such as the Human-Derived Growth Factor Gel can make a huge difference to the appearance of your skin and signs of aging. It’s really important to ensure that you incorporate this product into your routine to see the benefits, as using it here and there won’t give you the results you’re looking for.

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